Our new managed security program was designed as a solution to a really big problem:

Assigned security responsibilities!

What does this mean? When companies care greatly for the security of their employees, clients, assets, and reputation but they just cant justify a full-time effort to accomplish it. Assigning the responsibility to someone, or a committee of people, none of whom have any real expertise in what it takes to truly keep people secure, is unacceptable as it can create danger and exposure to liability and further, there is the matter of cost vs reward – what are the real results that you are getting for the time and expense afforded to the effort.

Now you can get far better results at a lower real cost. Our Mission: Protected Managed Security program provides you with a team of experts that if you where to hire would cost you millions of dollars, and a check and building of all of the resources that you need to ensure compliance and significantly reduced exposure to the liability that can come as a result of not doing enough.

All this for as low as $99/Month!

Download the brochure:  Mission Protected General Business Managed Security Single Page