About Blue-U

We have recognized some serious problems with “generally accepted” and “industry-standard” security and have corrected them

Problem 1:

Alerts, applications, gunshot and weapon detection systems, blue buttons and lights, panic alerts that go directly to law enforcement, and on-and-on. All extremely expensive and none will prevent incidents of violence nor can we rely on any of them to save us when our prevention efforts fail. If ROI in security is important, you can’t find much worse than these solutions.

Problem 2:

For most organizations a full-time security effort and the expertise required for results is simply unjustifiable and unaffordable! The result? It’s assigned to someone, or a committee of people…none of whom know anything about it and, further, neither do those making the ultimate decisions on what to invest in. This create significant exposure to financial liability and reputational liability should something ever happen.

Problem 3:

Those who you have in a position of responsibility for securing your employees and assets have no access to truly effective, skill-building training and resources. Training and resources that will raise them to a level of real effectiveness in their responsibility.

Problem 4:

Employee training is ineffective, unimpactful, undesired, and impractical and it is delivered by people who have little or even no expertise in the topics that they are training others in. The result is “training for the sake of training” or “training that allows you to check a box and say that it was done”.

The Result?

We have not only recognized these critical concerns, but we have developed highly effective, inexpensive ways to resolve them.

It’s time to go back to the best ROI in security solutions –  a mission that focuses on people because people-focused security presents the only truly effective results and the best ROI!

The most incredible discovery?

We have found a direct link between the things that make organizations efficient, productive, and profitable…and security! Things like quality leadership, exceptional customer and employee service, effective policies and procedures, and teamwork. Yes, all of the things that we do with our clients to create higher level security also creates more efficient, customer and employee friendly, team-oriented organizations!

Welcome to Mission: Protected

We offer two very simple but well-thought, unique and valuable services :

Mission:Protected Managed Security – For those who realize that they don’t have the expertise to responsibly create and manage true security and want the absolute best protection for their employees, reputation, and assets

Mission:Protected Assisted DIY – For those who want to do it themselves but realize that they need assistance.

When It Comes To Protecting People…We Are Different. Our Solutions Are Different. Our Results Actually Work!

Since our founding in 2014, Blue-U Defense has become the nationally recognized leader in “reality-based” organizational safety and security- security that actually works on paper AND in reality. We are the true thought-leaders in security and we have come to recognize what really keeps people secure! These are things that no one has previously recognized…even the most trusted of experts and agencies. You see, entire industries can be wrong for long periods of time and security is one area where this has been the case. Our mission is to recognize and correct this!

We have developed an extensive list of organizational partners to play significant roles in developing  a “culture of true safety and security”. We are not “assumed experts” because of our current, or former professions. We are trained, full time professionals with experience like none of our competitors. We understand business and how security can impact things like liability, insurance, and culture.

Introducing Our Experts

The Most Experienced Team of Professionals Assembled for Your Benefit:

Terry L Choate Jr.


Terry has all of the training and experience that is normally associated with the expertise and ability to consult on acts-of-violence and safety and security. He was a law enforcement officer and SWAT Team Commander for 15 years and has all of the associated training and experiences that come with this profession. What he tells people however it that training and experience in law enforcement and/or the military does not automatically equal qualification to successfully consult businesses and schools in violence prevention and survival. In fact, it can, and sometimes does, create for more danger than doing nothing at all.

He was also a Homeland Protection Professional; has high levels of executive protection education and training; stalking and dangerous human behavior; recognizing signs of violence and de-escalation; tactics; FBI Crisis Negotiator School; and on-and-on.

Of equal importance, he also has a 20-year executive -level corporate career behind him that he voluntarily ended prior to becoming a law enforcement professional.  As a result, he has extensive experience in business, sales and marketing, high-end customer service thats sets companies apart from their competitors. Why is this critical? Because keeping organizations secure is impacted by far more than just technology, training people, and tactics and physically keeping people safe. It’s as much about reputation, impact on policy and procedure, exposure to liability, insurance and more.

Of greatest importance? This has been his life! It started when he was a young teenager when he became interested in criminals – how they become criminals, why they become criminals, how they choose victims, and most importantly – questioning the solutions that we are given every day, nationwide, to preventing and surviving incidents of violence and whether or not they actually work, or are little more than things that look great on paper but will not work if, and when, reality strikes. What he found? The majority of the things that we are presented as solutions are little more than things that look great on paper, but will not work when reality strikes. I set out to fix this; and made it my life’s work.

“For me, this is not a work assignment, it’s not a part-time “gig” or something I decided would be a hot topic to capitalize on. I don’t think about this when I’m at work and leave it there when I go home. I didn’t gain my “expertise” through a 2-Day Instructor Certification Course; and I don’t “re-present” other people’s presentations. This is my life – 24/7. I am always thinking about it; I don’t accept the generally accepted; and I don’t automatically accept “industry standard”. I question and test everything to ensure that what Blue-U Defense provides our clients is accurate and will provide our clients the best possible results.”

Joseph B Hileman

Joe Hileman is a Co-Founder and Training Specialist for Blue-U Defense. He served as the Assistant Team Commander of the Monadnock Regional Special Response (SWAT) Team and for 15 years as a Detective/Police Officer with the Jaffrey (NH) Police Department. Prior to his career in Law Enforcement, he served as Security Supervisor at the corporate management level of a Fortune 500 company.

Mr. Hileman holds two A.A. degrees in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Corrections, Probation, and Parole. His extensive tactical training includes:

  • SWAT 1 and 2 Certification, Tactical Officers and
    LEADS Consulting
    Active Shooter Instructor
    Threat Assessment Team/Management
  • SWAT Team Leader/Commander
  • Use of Force, Active Shooter Instructor
  • Narcotics – Covert Surveillance
  • OC Instructor
  • Taser Instructor
  • Domestic Violence Lethality Assessment Coordinator
  • Field Training Officer
  • Sexual Assault Investigator specializing in the Child Forensic Interview
  • Suspicious Death/Homicide Investigations