Security on Autopilot

Security on Autopilot

  • Reduce mandatory training time and cost by 70%
  • Increase training effectiveness by 100%
  • Establish personal responsibility and desire to get more training and the resources for them to do it
  • Designed to keep employees secure at work and at home
  • Unlimited access to expert consultation

The things you can't be without:

20 Minutes to Proficiency Training:

Online access to the most effective and complete security training in the world. We will train your employees to much higher levels in a fraction of the time of other security education resources. Our courses are designed to establish higher levels of proficiency (when compared to other training courses) in each topic in no longer than 20 minutes. Courses include:

  • The Foundation of True Security - The Mindset Required
  • The Foundation of True Security - The Practical Aspects
  • Active Shooter/Acts-of-Violence Effective Solutions to Robbery and Acts-of-Violence
  • Drugs in the Workplace and Family and Developing Reasonable Suspicion
  • Recognizing Signs of Violence and De-Escalation
  • The Gatekeeper - Establish an Ultra-Secure Main Entry Area
  • The Lone Worker Security
  • Practical Personal Defense - When prevention fails
  • Truly Effective Robbery and Acts-of-Violence Solutions - The New Robbery Training

For Those Who Want More:

Each course includes a "For Those Who Want More" Resource.

In all of our courses will instill personal responsibility for security in your employees and a desire to want more training because they realize its in their best interest. For Those Who Want More provides the resources for them if they choose to invest their own time in enhancing their business, personal, home and family security.

Experts Always On-Call

We give you unlimited access to security-related consulting via email, text, phone. We can help you with human and physical site threat assessments, security systems, policy, procedure, and emergency preparedness planning, assist with potentially dangerous terminations, and more. Call us anytime, as many times as you want to enlist the experience of our experts in assisting you resolving challenging security-related issues.

PLUS - Access to Blue-U Secure Business Network, Blue-U Safe Kids, Blue-U Marketing Content Library, and more