Reality-Based, Thoughtfully Designed, Systematic Solutions to Today's Threats

"We Have Your Back"

Today's threats are unique and dangerous. Effectively securing our businesses, homes, and communities against acts-of-violence requires systematic solutions. Blue-U Defense is the thought-leader in reality-based, systematic safety and security solutions.

When It Comes To Protecting People...We Are Different. Our Solutions Are Different. Our Results Actually Work!

Why do our clients find the results of our services to be far superior to others? We don’t accept “the generally accepted”. We don’t accept “industry standard”, or “best practices”. We question and test everything. Why? Because when we provide solutions for our clients we want to make sure that they will work and be effective. And we want to make sure that normal, ordinary people can carry-out required solutions and what is expected of them.

You see, for our team, safety and security is our lives. And we’ve chosen it to be our lives. We retired early from full-time law enforcement to pursue a passion. It’s not a job; it’s not an assignment within a job; and it’s not a “retirement gig”. Its our lives and it’s been our lives for far longer than while we were police officers.

We never thought ourselves to be experts simply due to our profession…We made ourselves experts by dedicating our lives to becoming experts.

We are truly different. That’s why are the thought and solution leaders in safety and security nationwide. That’s why we are the most replicated safety and security services company in the nation – our competitors try, but they never get there!

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Blue-U Safe System Options

Blue-U Safe

A learning resource designed to protect you, yours kids, families, homes, churches, and communities.

Blue-U Safe Business

A learning system designed to protect your business, employees, and clients via today’s most effective methods of delivery, and proficiency and expertise-building.
"Employee training should not be about forcing it on should be about creating a desire in them to want it and become proficient in it's topic"
--Terry L Choate, Jr Co-Founder and CEO of Blue-U Defense