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Our focus on security lies exactly where it should...on people. Where technology is designed to KEEP people secure, our Mission: Protected solutions are designed to teach people how to BE secure.

Our Mission? Protected People! When It Comes To Protecting People...We Are Different. Our Solutions Are Different. Our Results Actually Work!

Why do our clients find the results of our services to be far superior to others? We don’t accept “the generally accepted”. We don’t accept “industry standard”, or “best practices”. We question and test everything. Why? Because when we provide solutions for our clients we want to make sure that they will work and be effective. And we want to make sure that normal, ordinary people can carry-out required solutions and what is expected of them.

Prevention is critical! But our primary focus is on survival during what we call The Life-or-Death Gap (when prevention efforts fail). We realize that technology can help, but it cannot be the foundation for your security systems, policies and procedures. The foundation must be properly prepared, properly trained people with the proper mindset and the right, realtime, information during an incident.

The critical elements of the Mission: starts with defining measurable goals, establishing practical physical site security, effective and realistic policies and procedures, training that anyone can master, communication, and when necessary, learning how to unite as a team to stop the threat. These are all included in our One-Day Mission: Protected Stage One service.

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Blue-U Safe

A learning resource designed to protect you, yours kids, families, homes, churches, and communities.

Blue-U Safe Business

A learning system designed to protect your business, employees, and clients via today’s most effective methods of delivery, and proficiency and expertise-building.
"The more that we do, that we are not required to do, the better the outcome."
--Terry L Choate, Jr Co-Founder and CEO of Blue-U Defense