The next evolution in security?

"Back to Basics"

Technology, alert and detection systems, access control, fences, security guards, and law enforcement are what we are led to believe we can rely on to keep us secure. But...none of these truly keep us secure! In fact, trusting in them actually creates more danger and risk than they are intended to prevent.

Our focus on security lies exactly where it should...

On people and the things that create the real power in people-based security – effective leadership, personal responsibility, exceptional customer and employee service, effective policies and procedures, and… teamwork. All of the things that make your business more operationally efficient and profitable also make it more secure.

Check out our new Blue-U Secure Drip Training

A new way of delivering training that significantly raises topic knowledge, effectiveness of skills, efficiency and return-on-investment while reducing the high costs and the logistical nightmares of traditional training.


Today’s threats are unique, dangerous, and they are everywhere and the solutions required to resolve these threats are equally unique!

When It Comes To Protecting People…We Are Different. Our Solutions Are Different. Our Solutions Actually Work! We are the nations thought-leaders in real security.

There are no comparisons to Blue-U Defense. We are the best and we only partner with organizations that care enough to want the best in security for their employees and clients.


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Blue-U Safe System Options

Blue-U Safe

A learning resource designed to protect you, yours kids, families, homes, churches, and communities.

Blue-U Safe Business

A learning system designed to protect your business, employees, and clients via today’s most effective methods of delivery, and proficiency and expertise-building.
"There have been more mass shootings than days this year"
--CBS News