The next evolution in security?

"Serving the heck out of people"

What "industry standard" and "generally accepted" believes keeps us secure? Technology, detection systems, policies and procedures, emergency plans! But...none of these really keep us secure! In fact, trusting in them actually creates more danger and risk. Our focus on security lies exactly where it should...on people.

When It Comes To Protecting People...We Are Different. Our Solutions Are Different. Our Results Actually Work!

Alerts, applications, gunshot and weapon detection systems, blue buttons and lights, alerts that go directly to law enforcement, and on-and-on. All extremely expensive! None will prevent incidents of violence nor can we rely on any of them to save us when our prevention efforts fail. If ROI is important, you can’t find much worse than these solutions.

No, it’s time to forget about all that and go back to the best ROI in security solutions –  a people-oriented mission, “serving people”, appropriate culture, developing good policies and procedures, training people to effectively carry them out, laying down expectations and holding people to them, practically securing physical sites, and using technology to communicate and provide information and actionable intelligence during an incident – live and in real time. And here’s the best thing about Blue-U Defense – our systems are amongst the most technologically advanced in the world – we just use them the way they should be used!

Prevention is critical and we provide the best solutions to prevention in the world! But our primary focus is on survival during what we call The Life-or-Death Gap (when prevention efforts fail) – that time that starts the second you know there is danger to you and expands until the time that you know the danger no longer exists – it’s gone. It’s the time when there is no on there to help you – except for you! And this Life-or-Death Gap will exist every single time there is an incident!

Mission: Protected, the absolute best ROI in complete security systems starts with a single day of services that will result in the most significant advance in your security in the history of your organization. Its a result that we guarantee! We call it our Mission: Protected Stage One. Check it out!

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"There have been more mass shootings than days this year"
--CBS News