The next evolution in security?

"Back to Basics"

Technology, detection systems, policies and procedures, emergency plans are what we are led to believe we can rely on to keep us secure. But...none of these truly keep us secure! In fact, trusting in them actually creates more danger and risk than they are intended to prevent. Our focus on security lies exactly where it should...on people.

We have recognized some serious problems and have developed real solutions

Problem 1:

Alerts, applications, gunshot and weapon detection systems, blue buttons and lights, panic alerts that go directly to law enforcement, and on-and-on. All extremely expensive and none will prevent incidents of violence nor can we rely on any of them to save us when our prevention efforts fail. If ROI in security is important, you can’t find much worse than these solutions.

It’s time to go back to the best ROI in security solutions –  a mission that focuses on people because people-focused” security presents the best actual results and the best ROI!

Problem 2:

For most organizations a full-time security effort and the expertise required for results is simply unjustifiable and unaffordable! The result? It’s assigned to someone, or a committee of people…none of whom know anything about it and, further, neither do those making the ultimate decisions on what to invest in.

Problem 3:

Training is ineffective, unimpactful, undesired, and impractical and it is delivered by people who have little or even no expertise in the topics that they are training others in.

The Result?

We have not only recognized these critical concerns, but we have developed highly effective, inexpensive solutions.

Welcome to Mission: Protected

Mission:Protected is the absolute best ROI in complete security systems. It starts with a single day of services that will result in the most significant advance in your security in the history of your organization. Its a result that we guarantee! We call it our Mission: Protected Stage One . In a single day we establish your position – we establish where you are vs where you need to be, we establish goals, we review policies and procedures, assess your physical site security from a very unique and extremely practical perspective, and train your staff…all in a single day.  Even if you do nothing else, the security of your employees, clients, and assets will be strengthened significantly.

And then, we offer managed security so that you have a team of experts that work with you to accomplish your goals all deal with challenges all year long. Check it out!

When It Comes To Protecting People…We Are Different. Our Solutions Are Different. Our Results Actually Work!

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