Today, threats to our safety and security, both personally and organizationally, are real…and unique. The country seems to be “falling apart” right before our very eyes and, in many cases, those whom we typically expect and rely upon to keep us safe, cannot, and in some cases, will not! The result: we are responsible for ourselves – on a personal level, if you are parents then you have responsibility for your kids and family, and, if you have an organization that employees and/or serves people, then you are responsible for creating environments in which safety and security has been addressed at a much higher level than you are likely doing now.

There are an overabundance of companies that are “rising to the occasion” and are attempting to resolve these needs, mostly through technology-related products and services. The problem: most of these solutions look and sound great on paper but will never work when reality strikes, and most are intended to keep people safe rather than teaching them how to be safe. And this falls equally with what we do as parents – we try to keep our kids safe and secure rather than teaching them how to be safe and secure themselves.

Here’s the bottom line: Technology can help prevent but will rarely actually prevent. Technology can help keep people safe but will rarely actually keep them safe. 

There are so many potential solutions to choose from and organizations nationally are spending a ton of money on them. The problem? Few present good “return-on-investment” and few will actually do anything to prevent and keep people alive when prevention fails.

This new series: The Myths and Facts of Organizational and Personal Security Solutions is designed to help you understand the many solutions that are being presented as problem-solving and give you clear understanding of their true effectiveness on the ROI that they present.

I read and learn about new security solutions almost daily so I will be posting quite frequently. If you would like some free advice about a solution that you are considering please contact me and I’ll be happy to provide you with my expertise.

I want what is in my head, in your head!”   Terry L Choate, Jr CEO/President of Blue-U Defense