It’s drilled into our heads over-and-over again, especially following a tragic incident like that which just happened at Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, FL. And I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t believe that “see something, say something” is anything but the right thing to do. But think about this:

In spite of our strong agreement with, and commitment to the “see something, say something” doctrine, the question is – “do we really do it?”

Unfortunately, in too many cases the answer is “no”. Why? Because we don’t want to be wrong. We don’t want to unnecessarily harm someone else or create issues for them. We don’t trust our instincts. And too many times, we just don’t want to take the time to do it.

If we don’t start to change the way we think and stop being concerned about being wrong, if we don’t stop worrying about the inconvenience or time required to do it, we will fail as a nation in truly keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.


Are we truly paying attention and even looking for potential problems or threats?

Again, the answer is typically “no”. Why? Because we don’t think it’s going to happen to us and we are just too busy tied up in our own worlds.

If we want to start to create a “culture of safety and security” it needs to be everyone’s responsibility! Not only for ourselves, our families, and those closest to us, but for the safety and security of everyone.

Please pay attention, look for potential problems and threats and do something when you even suspect a potential problem. This is one extremely critical element in stopping these tragic incidents from happening. Its everyone’s responsibility.