If the answer to this question is no, your efforts to train your employees in robbery protocol may not be accomplishing much!

Think about this:

Every year, we train our employees in the things that they should, and should not, do during a robbery. The intent? Safety and security, and apprehension of the perpetrator. What do we teach them?  To “comply, comply, comply” and only to “comply, comply, comply” (a fault in what is generally accepted practice that must be corrected and is the subject to another article and topic). We teach them to refrain from triggering an alarm until it’s safe to do so and until the perpetrator has left the building in order to avoid hostage situations. We teach them to “be good witnesses” so that we have the best chance of apprehension and successful prosecution.

Whether these things make sense, and/or are right or wrong, doesn’t matter for the purposes of this discussion. What matters is that our customers, in many, if not most, cases, outnumber the employees in our branches, at any given time. So, only teaching our employees about robbery protocol is:

  • Training only a portion of the people who can impact the outcome of the incident.
  • Creating increased exposure to liability because we care enough about employee safety and security to provide them with training but not our customers.

Also, consider that a lack of customer training can invalidate employee training because if a customer does something that our employees are trained not to do, or conversely doesn’t do something that our employees are trained to do, it creates for the potential for a situation and associated danger that is meant to be avoided through our employee training efforts.

So, if we truly want to keep our employees safe, we need to train even those whose decisions and reactions can jeopardize employee safety and security. This happens regularly where we see customers or non-employees trying to be the hero and/or stop a potential threat and, as a result, people get hurt or worse killed needlessly. Ultimately, we care about the safety and security of both our employees and clients so maybe we should be doing everything possible to make sure they are as informed as our employees.

“Just something to think about”  “Just Something to Think About” is a Topic within our Blue-U Safe Educational Resources which includes Blue-U Safe Personal, Kids, Family, and Home and  Blue-U Safe Business. “Just Something to Think About” covers elements of safety and security that may not have a definitive “right-or-wrong” answer however requires consideration. 

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