When it comes to safety and security related processes and procedures, there is a considerable difference between “we do it because we have to” and “we do it because we want to or, because we care”. Many assume that compliance equals safety and security. THEY DON”T!

How to determine where you fall on this? Just answer the following:

  • Do you spend the bare minimum required in order to meet compliance and regulations of safety and security or…
  • Do you spend and do more than the minimum and make certain that you’ve done everything possible to ensure safety and security of employees – and  client’s?

Here’s the bottom line:

  • If you truly want to keep people safe, but you are doing nothing more than what you are required to do, you are not doing enough!
  • If you assign the responsibility for safety and security to people who are not completely proficient, and even experts, in safety and security, you are not doing enough.
  • If you are only training your employees in safety and security related things, like robbery, periodically or one time per year, you are not doing enough.
  • If you have not reviewed and enhanced your policies, procedures, and emergency preparedness plans, you are not doing enough.
  • If you employees don’t thoroughly know and understand your policies and procedures, and you do not provide them a curriculum and venue to ensure this, you are not doing enough.

Does doing enough cost more? Absolutely. Until something happens and it’s determined that you didn’t do enough. Then the costs are unthinkable. Not to mention your reputation for not caring to do more.

If you have created the right culture, safety and security should never be a requirement, it should be a desire – for all employees!

Create a culture that supports true safety and security and give your employees the resources to achieve it.