If you own or run a business, the security of people is not only a desire, it's a responsibility

If, God-forbid, your business were to experience an act-of-violence, you not only want to be able to show that you did the the minimum required to have prevented the incident, but also train your employees on how to safely resolve it, you want to be able to show that you did more than the minimum.

The more that you do, that you're not required to do, the more secure your organization will be and the lower your exposure to liability and reputational harm.

For most companies, security is a necessary, but neglected challenge

Most small companies just can't justify employing the real expertise that they need in order to keep employees and customers secure. The result? They assign it to someone, or a team/committee of people, none of whom really have any real expertise in the responsibility. This creates the first challenge.

And then...

Security doesn't generate revenue
Training pulls people away from the productive responsibilities that they were hired for
Training lacks real effectiveness
You don't have the expertise to resolve the daily security-related issues that pop-up and, if handled improperly can create danger to employees and exposure to reputational harm and liability.

Blue-U Security on Autopilot resolves all of these challenges for $99/month for companies up to 100 employees!

Blue-U Security on Autopilot will enhance your organizations security beyond anything you've ever done in the past and bring value to any previous investment you've made in security

There is no better value in security.

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Custom Groups for your specific organization-type:

Custom Groups for your specific organization-type:

  • Healthcare
  • Home Healthcare
  • Small Business
  • Large Business
  • High Risk Business
  • Schools
  • Professional Practices