The Answer To Safety and Security During

The Life-or-Death Gap™

Today's threats are unique and dangerous. Effectively securing our businesses, homes, families, kids, and ourselves against acts-of-violence requires proficiency and expertise that can only be developed through education, training, and experiences. Blue-U Defense is your complete resource!

Introducing the Blue-U
Safe System

Blue-U Safe Business is a complete, systematic, subscription-based solution designed to significantly enhance the safety and security of companies that can’t justify a full-time security effort; companies that want more power behind their current efforts; and companies that just want to do more to protect their interests. It’s for companies that “assign” the responsibilities of safety and security.

And, as important? The well-being of our employees when they are away from work. Blue-U Safe is our complete educational resource designed with one thing in mind – keeping individuals, kids, families, homes, churches, and communities safe which requires a completely unique learning curriculum.

Blue-U Defense has you covered from online and live educational resources, securing your physical site, policy/procedure review and development , OSHA safety, expert consulting, and much more.

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Blue-U Safe

A learning resource designed to protect you, yours kids, families, homes, churches, and communities.

Blue-U Safe Business

A learning system designed to protect your business, employees, and clients via today’s most effective methods of delivery, and proficiency and expertise-building.
"There have been more mass shootings than days this year"
--CBS News