We Prepare Our Businesses and Employees to Prevent and Survive Dangerous Situations but Do Little to Prepare Our Homes and Families!

What Sense Does This Make?

If someone you love and care about suffered a cardiac emergency, had life-threatening bleeding, or suffered some other life-threatening situation at home, do you have the training and tools to save that person’s life? Does everyone in your family have these skills?

Remember this – When seconds count, help is only minutes away and, depending on where you live, potentially many, many minutes away.

Nationwide within our businesses, schools, and places of worship we utilize alarms, cameras, AED’s, Emergency Preparedness Plans, CPR trained personnel, Active Shooter training and alerts, Policies and Procedures… all a part of how we protect people – employees, students, customers. We do things that are required and even recommended; we meet industry standard and generally accepted requirements and we spend thousands, tens-of-thousands, and even hundreds-of-thousands doing it. We conduct security assessments, train our employees; we have life-saving equipment and people trained to operate that equipment and save lives – stop the bleed, administer CPR, operate AED’s.

At home, however, maybe, at best we have alarm systems, cameras, or both. Rarely however does it go beyond that. At home, no one knows how to perform lifesaving procedures nor do we have the equipment to deal with such emergencies. If someone inside of your household needs lifesaving, its likely going to be someone very, very special to you.

Does this mean that your business and employees are more important to you than your kids, families, and homes? Absolutely not. But we sure act like they are.

And, there’s more. Today, as home becomes a much bigger part of our lives, and it may remain that way for a very long time, this means that victimization is far more likely to happen there. Bad people will always need victims and they will find them wherever they are and, if that’s at home, it now places a much higher level of concern on securing it and those who occupy it – our loved ones.

We have recognized this as a potential critical safety and security flaw and have designed a home protection program that will significantly enhance the safety and security of your homes and families.

Introducing the Blue-U Defense Complete Home Safety and Security Program

  • Home Physical Security Assessment

  • Family Training in the foundations of preventing and surviving incidents of violence; school safety and security

  • Custom in-home tactics. If someone were to get into your home, the proper tactics are critical not only to win but be free of liability and prosecution.

  • CPR, AED, and Stop the Bleed Training

  • Stop the Bleed Trauma Kits and AED units for your home

  • Access to our ongoing training and exercises resources

  • Executive Protection

We can deliver the elements of this system elementally or  we offer complete 1, 2, 3-day programs.

Services consist of in-home, virtual services, or a combination of both.

Ultimately this is a completely customizable system that is designed to meet the needs of your specific family. We can do as much or as little as you’d like and proposals are customized based on need.

Complete Home Safety and Security Program Brochure