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Advanced Workplace Violence - PREPARE TO WIN! Practical and Effective Tactics and Defense

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Recognizing Signs of Imminent Violence and Practical, Highly Effective De-Escalation Skills

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Advanced Workplace Violence - PREPARE TO WIN! Practical and Effective Tactics and Defense

Advanced Workplace Violence - Practical and Effective Tactics is an advanced course designed for those who have taken our first course, Understanding Violence, and using hands-on drills, scenarios and lecture, to show attendees how powerful the tactics that we teach are, and to show, through actually doing them, that they absolutely work! Attendees play both the role of the “good guy” and “Bad guy” so that they get both perspectives. They all actually experienced the tunnel vision, OODA Loop, etc that we are teaching our students to understand and overcome.

Following our first course the following were some of the comments made by attendees:

"I really feel that your class is the most realistic class that I have ever taken! The usual classes on an active shooter is run, hide and if there is nothing else when confronted fight.”

"The tactical part of class was eye opening for everyone there. It doesn’t matter your age or athletic ability the tactics worked! It was wonderful to experience that and see how successful everyone was at it. Which in theory builds your confidence.”

"I would like to thank You and Joe for everything you have done for us. I really enjoyed the training session we did yesterday. I believe that when you put the tactics into action, you realize, truly what you are capable of, in dealing with an active shooter situation. Louise and I talked on the drive back to Hunt, and we are amazed by the seminars, and the tactics that we have learned from your classes.”

"Definitely not quite what I expected….but very effective! You put a few people who have the training / understanding in a room and if they can control their terror, and react quickly with some amount of control they can become a formidable force to an aggressor, especially one who is not necessarily trained in any combat techniques”

This was the most enjoyable course that we have taught to date as everyone is able to get involved, do the techniques for themselves, and see how highly effective they are. In fact - I don’t believe a single “bad guy”, even knowing that there were going to be people ready and trying to disable them, was able to get off a single shot on anyone the entire day!

To hear people tell us that this course was actually better than the first is unbelievable to me as the feedback we get from the first is something that I never thought could be improved! This course is highly engaging, enjoyable and effective! You will leave with a tremendously heightened sense of security and confidence in your ability to be able to defend yourself against a shooter or potential adversary.

In this course we will cover Basic Level Tactics that are both extremely practical and highly effective. As with all of our courses, we will bring an extremely high level of understanding of the hows-and-whys of tactics. This course goes well beyond the general theory of Run, Hide and Fight and covers the more usable, effective and practical aspects of understanding "how and where" to run, "how to practically and effectively" fight, "how and where to" hide and the psychology behind how and why the tactics that we teach work!

This course also incorporates advanced Practical Personal Defense (See Course Description for Practical Personal Defense) designed to build on those covered in Understanding Workplace Violence.

This course will include structured scenarios, small drills, demonstration and video to present the extremely effective and practical tactical theories that we teach, and show you how and why they are so effective.

This is an exciting, engaging and highly effective course!

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