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Understanding Stand Your Ground and Making Good Decisions in Fractions of a Second

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Recognizing Signs of Imminent Violence and Practical, Highly Effective De-Escalation Skills

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Practical Personal Defense

Understanding Stand Your Ground and Making Good Decisions in Fractions of a Second

Do You Think That if Someone Enters Your Private Residence That You Can Automatically Use Deadly Force on Them?

If you do:


Our Stand Your Ground and Use of Force Course has been described by many avid and frequent NRA course attendees as "the most valuable course that I have ever taken on the subject of firearms and personal safety!"

This Course Includes Instruction on the following Topic Areas

Making Good Decisions in Fractions of a Second!!!

Understanding Violence

Responsible Firearm Ownership

Use of Force Continuum

Stand Your Ground Law

Firearm Laws

Practical Personal Defense

Do You Know Stand Your Ground and Use of Force Laws?

Many firmly believe that they do: Until they take this seminar!


As responsible firearm owners it is critical that you thoroughly understand the laws of your state and, as importantly, the "Spirit of the Law(s)" of your state


This basic, foundational, seminar will provide you with what you need to know, and how you need to think before using any force on another human being, as well as what you will need to be able to articulate should you ever find yourself in that unfortunate position. The knowledge that you will gain from this seminar will form a foundation in making responsible, ethical, well-thought, and safer Use of Force decisions - More Quickly!


Learn the Use of Force Scale and how it will apply should you ever use force on another. This is a crucial aspect of personal defense.


If you think that just because someone comes into your house or onto your property that you can automatically use deadly force as a result of Stand Your Ground Law Ė you are wrong! We will explain why.


Stand Your Ground can be very dangerous to you if you donít completely understand it. Many come into this seminar fully believing that they do and leave with a completely new prospective. We must respect the Stand Your Ground Law and make Use of Force decisions with respect for life or we will loose it.


A bad decision, even if legal, can ruin your life. We will improve your chances of making a good decision


We are looking for gun owners who want to take responsibility and train to make fast, properly thought-out decisions on force


We will explain the details of State firearms laws, safe storage, concealed carry, reciprocity, and how to interact with Law Enforcement when legally carrying a firearm.


This seminar will begin to build a foundation of a practical, moral and safe response to violence.


Take Responsibility! Itís critical to your safety and an overall personal protection plan!

This Course also includes many important elements from our Practical Personal Defense Course.

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