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Recognizing Signs of Imminent Violence and Practical, Highly Effective De-Escalation Skills

Surviving an Incident of Violence - High Performance During Deadly Encounters

Understanding Drugs and How The Drug Problem Is Impacting Your Workplace (Reasonable Suspicion)

Understanding and Designing Effective Main Entry Security, Policy, and Procedures

Understanding Tactics! Its Much More Than Run, Hide and Fight!

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Practical Personal Defense

Practical Personal Defense

If you have attended our Surviving an Incident of Violence Course, you well know just how effective our practical personal defense techniques and tactics are. The few, yet highly valuable, techniques taught in that course were a very small portion extracted from this Practical Personal Defense course. If you havenít attended that course, however, and you value your safety and the safety of those that you care most about, it is critical that you attend this course and find out why the demand for ALL Blue-U Defense courses has absolutely skyrocketed!

This course is pure practical and highly effective material that will turn you into a survival machine and change the way you live!

This classroom-based training course is designed to provide attendees with highly practical tools that they can use to defend themselves should they find themselves a sudden victim, or potential victim of a crime. Why classroom only? Because you don’t need any more than that! The foundation of this course teaches the criticality of avoidance and escape and, most importantly, what it takes to avoid being chosen as a victim. The primary goal of this course, like other Blue-U courses, is to bring an unequaled level of understanding to a sudden, violent encounter, create a lifestyle that promotes awareness and provides response options that require little or no thought or practice to to effectively utilize.

This course will give you the solid techniques and tactics to win regardless of the circumstances. Whether you are a potential victim of an armed robbery, active shooter, attempted rape, armed home invasion, the decisions that we make and the tools required to win are all the same!

No silly acronyms to remember when you are in a high stress encounter and no ridiculous moves and techniques that will only work under controlled circumstances! You will leave this course with a extremely high level of confidence that you would not only be able to defend yourself IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, but likely never even become a victim in the first place. Remember, "the most successful warriors never go to war" (Sun Tsu in The Art of War). But it takes some knowledge and fine-tuning of your natural survival mechanisms.

Topics in this course include:

- Why You Now Must be More Concerned About Your Safety Than Ever

- The Source of Todays Crime/Violence

- Recognizing and Understanding Those Who Might Victimize You

- The Decision Process; Natural Weapons

- Practical and Physical Tactics/Weapons

- Understanding Signs of Aggression

- Elements of a Threat

- De-Escalation and Talking to Emotionally Disturbed or Angry People

and much more....

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