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Understanding Drugs and How The Drug Problem Is Impacting Your Workplace (Reasonable Suspicion)

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Understanding Drugs and How The Drug Problem Is Impacting Your Workplace (Reasonable Suspicion)

"This was the most impactful course I have ever taken! I will be paying more attention at work and at home"

This course was developed for businesses, universities, schools and other organizations that have a vested interest in a safe, liability-free workplace and/or quality product or work life.

Drugs, and therefore addiction and distribution, are prevalent everywhere! This problem exists from the extreme smallest communities to the largest cities across this country, from the smallest schools and businesses to the largest, and from the most respectable people to the least.

Our passion, as a company, is keeping people safe. While its possible that you could become a victim of a violent encounter, the one thing that is almost guaranteed is that you do have drugs in your workplace! And it’s not only about employees with drug problems; its about employees with family members with drug problems. An employee with a drug problem themselves creates numerous potential issues, however, an employee with a family member with a drug problem will have a far more negative impact on your employee and your business.

The problem? With addiction comes a tremendously negative impact to educational institutions, businesses and families. Addiction brings not only liability issues from a safety perspective, but also decreased productivity, quality issues and disruption to business/school.

The bottom line is that the key to success is in recognizing change! The sooner you see change the more likely we will be successful in our intervention efforts!

Recognizing potential addiction problems in employees, students AND family can bring tremendous advantage not only to your organization, but to your employees who may have issues within their families, and in helping those who suffer from addiction. Regardless of whether it be a student, employee or family member, we care about them. This course will help you recognize and understand the signs of addiction, the dangerous items that accompany addiction, and those who suffer from addiction, and provide some remedies should you encounter it in your life.

And finally, we cover the very critical aspect of drug related policy. You must, as a business and employer, have policy that protects your employees, clients, and your business from liability. And from our experience, a large percentage of companies do not have effective policies and procedures in place to deal with this problem.

Remember - Addicts are good people with a horrible problem!

Some of the topics covered in the course include:

The Extent of the Problem and How it Impacts Your Organization; Some Surprising Facts; Human Signs of Addiction; Understanding Addicts (They are not bad people); Physical Signs of Addictions (Drugs and Paraphernalia); Laws Governing Random Drug Testing (School/Business); The State of the System for Resources; Dealing With Known Drug Problems; Dealing With Suspected Drug Problems; Policy Related to Potential Drug Addiction; Recognizing the Signs of Drug Distribution; Possible Remedies

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