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Understanding Stand Your Ground and Making Good Decisions in Fractions of a Second

Advanced Workplace Violence - PREPARE TO WIN! Practical and Effective Tactics and Defense

Receptionist Module - Recognition of Aggressive Behavior and Practical De-Escalation Skills

Security Assessments

Recognizing Signs of Imminent Violence and Practical, Highly Effective De-Escalation Skills

Surviving an Incident of Violence - High Performance During Deadly Encounters

Understanding Drugs and How The Drug Problem Is Impacting Your Workplace (Reasonable Suspicion)

Understanding and Designing Effective Main Entry Security, Policy, and Procedures

Understanding Tactics! Its Much More Than Run, Hide and Fight!

Understanding Policy and Policy Generation

Practical Personal Defense

Surviving an Incident of Violence - High Performance During Deadly Encounters

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Good Decisions in Fractions of a Second

General, Highly Effective Solutions to Specific Problems

This course was designed as a basic level course to large corporations, small businesses, insurance companies, schools, universities, hospitals, families, and individuals. Successfully surviving a sudden incident of violence is 90% mental and 10% physical skill. This course focuses on the 90% mental while concurrently providing skills to survive the 10% physical (as a last resort). During a sudden incident of violence there are numerous challenges that must be overcome. This course provides a complete understanding of what these challenges are, and more importantly, it provides that tools necessary to correct them!

Our Surviving an Incident of Violence Course provides a solid foundation for gaining the skills necessary to prepare for “making good decisions in fractions of a second”. "Good decisions in fractions of a second" is the key to survival. This course brings highly critical, general skills in both understanding the decision making process and mastering what is necessary to correct the problems typically associated with this process by bringing students a solid understanding of both themselves and their opponent (the bad guy) in a potentially life-or-death incident.

Finally, whether it be in a business or personal environment, the most important skills anyone can have are recognizing signs of violence in advance and becoming proficient in de-escalation techniques. The mastering of these skills is critical as they can be the most important factors in either calming or fueling anger levels. The end result of this course will also provide all attendees with a base “mindset” and thought process that will keep them as safe while they are away from work as much as it does while they are at work.

Ultimately this course provides for the foundational skills to be able to develop an overall plan that is based on and guided by good, solid policy.

The Practical Personal Defense skills that we cover in this course are designed to provide an understanding of the basic level mentality required to "win and go home" if, and when, needed as well as some basic level skills that can be utilized if you ever find yourself in the position to defend yourself physically.

If your employees are your most assets, they are just as important while they are away from work as they are while at work. The overall material in this course is designed to be effective whether you are at work, at home, or anywhere that you happen to be.

Other Topics of Discussion

    What is an Active Shooter

    Lockdown vs. Evacuation

    The Dynamics of an Incident; Fear - Is it Good or Bad

    It All Comes Down to Policy

    Creating Resistance

    The Mind of the Adversary

    Natural Weapons - Intuition, Instinct, Will, Fear

    Threat Assessments

    Intelligence Gathering

    Understanding Your Adversary and How This Creates Opportunities for You to Win

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