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                        You Better Make Sure Your Adversary is Armed Before You Use Force

                        Think about what this country has come to! The Use-of-Force Continuum is getting dangerously small. We have now come to a point where you had better be certain that your adversary is ARMED before you make that critical decision to use force. PERIOD! Right now, in this country UNARMED = NOT DANGEROUS! In this day-and-age, there is only one standard that justifies force for many - an armed adversary. And even then, for many, your armed adversary must be in the process of taking your life before you initiate any defense. I was talking with my wife about this last night and she concluded that this sentiment may be more for police officers than it is for anyone else. And maybe she’s right. But what sense does that make? Anyone other than a police officer can defend themselves as is appropriate based on the circumstances presented to them? If this is the case, and it very well may be, you can count on fewer-and-fewer people who step-up to take on a career to protect others! And, bottom line, do you want to take the risk that this sentiment will only be applied to police officers and not to you? I guarantee you that anyone that uses deadly force on a subject who is unarmed will potentially be "the bad guy".

                        So how does this apply to personal protection?

                        It’s simple:

                        It is becoming more and more risky to do anything to protect yourself that may result in injury or death to another!

                        Do you want to take the risk about what your jury will think about your decisions?

                        It is Absolutely Critical That You Train!

                        Personal protection cannot be an afterthought! It cannot be something that you deal with on the spot with little, or in most cases, no preparation.

                        Personal Protection is about far more than simply owning a firearm!

                        Personal Protection is about constant awareness, proficiency with the weapons that you choose to possess/carry and, most importantly, understanding and the expertise in making extremely fast (fractions of a second) , well-thought decisions at times when your body simply cannot do anything except freeze as result of fear and panic!

                        Personal Protection is about far more than physical protection. Its about protecting yourself and your family from extreme mental trauma as a result of your involvement in, and decisions made during, an act of violence against you or another. Trust me, they can destroy a family in many different ways.

                        A Commitment to Train in 2015

                        Blue-U Defense offers highly effective training in Stand Your Ground and Practical Personal Protection. The combination of these courses will significantly raise your chances of survival and avoidance of criminal and civil liability. Whether it be our courses, someone else’s, or a ideally a combination of many, just train to understand, make good decisions, and become extremely proficient with your firearms or other weapons of choice.

                        We will be offering a 1-2 day course which includes training in Stand Your Ground, Practical Personal Defense, Making Good Decisions and Firearms Proficiency/Tactics all combined into a single course that will give you the skills and confidence to keep you and your family safe! This course will likely be provided at both Cheshire County Fish & Game Club as well as the Peterborough Gun Club in late January or early February.

                        I just cannot emphasize enough how critical this is!

                        Published Jan 01, 2015

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