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                        Whether You Are Pro-Gun Or Not, Our Seminars Help!

                        Whether you are one who believes that no one, regardless of whether they be law-abiding or not, should own or carry a gun, or conversely, one who believes that any law abiding citizen has a Constitutional right to own and carry a firearm, Blue-U Seminars can help!


                        Let’s say that you are one who believes that, no matter what the circumstances, no one (save law enforcement and military) should be allowed to own a firearm. The fact is, that we ARE allowed, in most states anyway, to possess and/or carry a concealed firearm to defend ourselves against those who seek to harm us. Again, this is fact, regardless of whether you agree with it, like it, or not.

                        However, even this being the case, if firearm owners take responsibility to learn theories and techniques to minimize the potential of the use of force, make good responsible and moral decisions, and become highly proficient with their weapon of choice, does this not raise your comfort level even a slight bit? Most that I talk with agree that it does and that our seminars help the situation regardless of what side of this debate you are on.

                        Blue-U Seminars teach responsible firearm ownership including the critical requirement of proficiency with your chosen weapon, how to make responsible Use of Force Decisions, what the Use of Force Continuum is and how it will apply, theories and planning on how to avoid physical altercation as opposed to how to successfully physically engage with another (although we do teach some minor quick and thoughtless ways in which to defend yourself and escape should you have absolutely no option), understanding the laws so that decisions are made with full knowledge of the laws as they are written as well as the "Spirit of the Laws".

                        Firearm ownership, although a Constitutional right, requires responsibility, good decisions, and restraint! This means education and an extraordinary effort to obtain, and maintain, proficiency with your firearm or any weapon of choice (It’s not only about firearms). And for those who know firearms, you know that proficiency is perishable! Keep proficiency at an extremely high level or don’t carry one. Remember, you must be able to account for every single round that leaves your firearm.

                        Making every effort to learn how to make good, fast, well-thought, morally positive decisions is smart and is a critical aspect of an overall defense plan.

                        Published Jul 03, 2013

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