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                        Not My Kid? Think Again!

                        “Not My Kid”? THINK AGAIN!

                        When you hear about the out-of-control drug problem that is literally destroying our society, are you a parent who thinks one of the following:

                        “Not my kid”

                        “It’s not that bad”

                        “Drugs only effect the inner cities”

                        “My kid would never do anything like that”

                        If you are – THINK AGAIN!

                        If you think that because your child has never been in trouble, is a Straight A student, is a star athlete or musician, that they are immune to the dangers of drugs and addiction – THINK AGAIN! I know of many kids whose parents thought exactly this of and who found themselves in prison very shortly after graduating from high school. I know of an individual who graduated high school, obtained a Master’s Degree and went on to work for one of the most prestigious organizations in the world – and then became addicted to prescription pills and heroin!

                        If you think that drugs do not exist in your beautiful, scenic, idyllic, Mayberry-like towns – THINK AGAIN!

                        If you think that all drug addicts look like stereotypical “junkies” – THINK AGAIN!

                        If you think that drug addicts are “a waste of air”, “deserving of misery because they chose to become an addict” – THINK AGAIN!

                        Drugs and addiction are a HUGE problem! If fact, it may be the biggest problem and danger that our nation faces right now! It’s killing good people at alarming rates! Drugs are taking the love and compassion of some of the best people you might have ever known. Drugs are taking our loved ones!

                        The Biggest Problem?

                        Unless you are someone who has been impacted by the disease (and it is a disease), you may not understand the dangers and the scope of the problem. As a result, there is not nearly enough emphasis being placed on preparing our children for the one decision that they WILL have to make – “Do I try drugs, or do I refrain”. And this is not something that a simple “birds-and-the-bees” type talk will resolve! A one-time discussion about the dangers of drugs will not suffice!

                        If you have juvenile-aged children, NEED TO BE SCARED TO DEATHabout their well-being!

                        We give courses on drugs, the problem, recognition of addiction and distribution, resources, etc on a regular basis. The sad thing is that typically, those who attend, primarily, have already been impacted negatively by the drug problem! Even still, it’s excellent that these people attend because typically they are just determined to help solve the problem for others and spare them the pain and agony that goes with a loved one that has gone through addiction. It’s the people who have not yet experienced this problem, however, who very likely one day will, that I’d love to see filling our seminars! We want the people who are in a position to prevent sitting alongside those who have actually experienced the problem. We need schools to stop being concerned about frightening younger children and sheltering them from reality and the most significant danger to their lives! We need to be honest about the problem for the good of those still in danger of having their lives taken from them from this epidemic problem and public safety risk.

                        We need a way to provide hope to the current and recovered addicts as they are OUR only hope! They are the ones who will best be able to help those who have addiction problems in the future! Why? Because they are the ones with true experience! They are the ones who will know what addicts are experiencing, how they are feeling, and how to beat the problem! It’s a whole lot more effective to learn how to beat a problem by someone who has done it rather than someone, like myself, who has learned how to beat the problem yet never done it myself; or someone who is coaching someone on how to beat the problem that has learned from a book (again, like myself).

                        Another major hindrance to educating our kids and preparing them to make the right decision when the opportunity rears its ugly head:

                        We use recovered addicts and educational experts (police, doctors, etc) to talk with kids about the dangers of drugs. What is the problem with using these types of “experts” to speak to those at risk? The kids are seeing that everything is ok! If they are listening to a recovered addict and seeing that, in spite of the addict’s former problems, everything is ok now. If they are listening to a doctor, or police officer, talk with them about drugs, they are seeing, again, that everything is ok! So what would have an impact? Seeing a current addict who is struggling to keep their lives currently, who looks like they are about to die, who has destroyed their life! They MUST see, hear and feel the hurt and pain of addiction and be able to apply the potential consequences of it to their own personal lives!

                        The Bottom Line:

                        AFRAID! BE SCARED-TO-DEATH!

                        GET INVOLVED!


                        1) Please understand that there is a very serious danger out there and that it can, and likely will, impact your children in some way, shape or form

                        2) Take steps to continuously educate yourselves and your children – Even if you think that they are too good to ever be impacted negatively by it

                        3) Show them what true addiction looks like! Don’t be afraid to show them reality!

                        4) Watch for CHANGE in those closest to you! If you want to deal with a problem before it’s progressed to a point that will be difficult to correct, you MUST catch it early! Remember, using electronic media as a primary means of communication WILL NOT allow you to notice this change! It takes personal time!

                        5) Get Involved in community efforts to stop drug distribution and addiction. Learn about the signs of addiction AND distribution and don’t stand for it in your community.

                        6) Support your local Police Department in their efforts to fund drug enforcement efforts

                        7) Appeal to your local schools to significantly raise their levels of educational outreach on the dangers of drugs.

                        Just do something and prepare your kids! Im telling you, this is a really scary problem!!!!!

                        Published Jun 14, 2015

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