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                        What is a Workplace Violence/Active Shooter System?

                        What is a Workplace Violence/ Active Shooter System? Being truly prepared for a sudden incident of violence takes prior preparation, planning, training, drilling, coordination, definition of duties, policy that covers options, understanding of exactly what this type of an incident does to potential victims, understanding of the perpetrator and how to find potential threats in advance, understanding of how to manage these potential threats, and understanding how to truly be prepared for such an incident. First, and most importantly however, you must accept that such an incident can happen within your business and that you must take steps to prepare your people to respond successfully. Second, you must truly desire to provide the means necessary to give your “people’, your “most important assets”, the ability to survive and keep themselves and others safe. There is a huge difference between real, thoughtful and meaningful training and “training just to say you trained”.

                        As we continuously talk with businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, etc., in most cases, preparedness amounts to employees reading and signing off on an Emergency Preparedness Plan. In even fewer cases, some institutions have a lockdown policy that is practiced on occasion. Rarely, however, will we come across schools and/or companies that have really recognized the potential for danger and have taken multiple steps in training and preparation to keep their people safe. Congratulations if you are one of them!

                        The problem is that training in preparation for violence must be methodical, effective, practical, and complete. The plan and preparation cannot be delivered in a manner where there is no logical path to an end goal, as most are. Your plan must build on a foundation that carries an understandable plan and path to an ultimate goal.

                        So how do you get from little knowledge and understanding, to complete knowledge and understanding? First, it takes a significant commitment. It takes understanding and acceptance that it is going to take time, effort and financial resources. It takes a genuine desire to want to give your most important assets the tools to survive a sudden, violent encounter within your organization rather than a minimal plan just to say that its been covered because its required by OSHA’s General Duty Clause. It takes expertise and passion. The biggest problem? Most just don’t think it can or will happen in their business. But then again, neither did any of the businesses that have been unfortunate victims. Victim businesses typically do whatever is necessary, following an incident within their walls, to prevent it from happening again. Why they do this is obvious. The thing is that the chance of being victimized a second time is far less likely than even the first time.

                        So what are the elements of a complete and effective Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Safety System:

                        Awareness of the potential for an incident within your business/school Acceptance of the potential for an incident within your business/school Policy – Complete, Practical, and Written For Your School/Business Incident Command Training and Planning Mental Preparedness, Understanding, and Reaction Training Training in Making Good, Fast and Effective Decisions Drills – Live and Tabletop Tactics Training – Mental Tactics Training – Physical (Run, Hide or Fight is not enough)Communications – You must have effective and reliable communications within your facilityThreat Assessment and Management Policy and Procedures – Everyone must be trained to recognize and manage potential threats Physical Site Security An effective means to keep current and new employees/students trained.

                        The mastering of all of these elements will equal a highly effective Workplace Violence/Active Shooter System. And remember, EVERYONE within your organization must be trained in all of the elements of an effective Workplace Violence/Active Shooter System! There is strength in numbers! This means all employees if you are a business, and students and staff if you are a school.

                        Would establishing and mastering such a system be difficult? No doubt, it would definitely take commitment and a real desire to keep your people safe! It would not, however, be nearly as difficult as you might think. It takes a commitment, a plan, and an understanding that it will take time.

                        In the end, it doesn’t matter who you use to assist you in achieving your goals in these areas:

                        JUST TRAIN AND PLAN!

                        If you need assistance in determining what you need to achieve your violence safety goals, please contact Lt Terry Choate Blue U Corporate Services

                        Published Nov 03, 2014

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