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                        Learning from the Israelis - The Most Important Tools in Their Quest for Safety?

                        In June 2015 ABC News Point conducted a poll to determine the Top 10 Most Hated Nations in the World.

                        Surprisingly, Israel was number 2 on this list! The United States was actually number 1! I believe that this is a more recent trend than historical in nature. I would say that, over the course of time, Israel would top that list and that there likely would not be a “close-second”. I could be wrong however!

                        Even if these current poll results do reflect many years of time, there is still a huge difference between the United States and Israel. Israel is a country that is approximately the size of New Jersey; extremely small in comparison to the United States. The greatest difference, however, is that Israel is surrounded by some very powerful nations that would like nothing more than to see their country “blown from the face of the Earth”. The situation that Israel faces is extremely complicated and dates all the way back to the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Not something that could easily be explained or understood in the scope of this article.

                        Israel, however, has been tenacious in the area of survival. They are experts and, in my opinion, one of the strongest, most skilled nations in the world. Again, there are many, many reasons for this as well but not something that can be covered effectively in this article.

                        The bottom line, and I say this in every course that we teach:

                        We must learn from those most experienced in the topics that we are trying to learn about.

                        This means that we can best learn how to avoid victimization from those who victimize us; and we can learn how to keep ourselves safe from acts of terror from either those who commit them, or those who have a very long and highly successful track record of defending themselves against them.

                        Our Biggest Problem in the United States is this:

                        “Its not going to happen to me/us!”

                        This is the unfortunate thinking of far too many Americans in spite of the recent acts of violence and the dangers of the escalation of this type of violence.

                        Israelis don’t think this way. They know that it CAN happen to them though, even under their circumstances, its statistically unlikely (Since 1920 the average number of Israelis killed each year is 39. This includes years when Israeli was actively involved in war. The Israeli population is 6 million people). And its this way of thinking that makes it far less likely that it will happen to them. I can guarantee you that most victims of any crime never thought it would be them. In the United States we have come to expect that we will be protected from crime and incidents of terror and war on our soil.

                        So FIRST, we have to understand that it can happen to us, regardless of where we live and how big our communities are. Until we do this we will never take the threat seriously enough to take the time and make the effort to prepare for it. Conversely, with understanding that the threat is real, we will be forced to prepare and train ourselves, and we will be forced to train our children in reality. Why is training in reality so critical? Because you cannot effectively train anyone in or for anything without providing them with the full reality of what they are training for! We and our children must understand the real danger or we will not have the level of cautiousness required to maintain safety.

                        So what do the Israeli’s do beyond the understanding that real danger exists and is possible?

                        As I’ve said numerous times before, there is an overwhelming tendency to make things way to technical and difficult to really understand. In this case the primary means of staying safe is really simple:

                        Vigilance, Awareness, Avoidance, and Preparation!

                        These things don’t take much in the way of time and effort.

                        From a very young age, Israeli citizens are made aware of the very real dangers of violence in their country. They are taught, from a very early age, to be constantly aware of their surroundings, vigilant of circumstances and strange behavior, and reaction to any of the things that may seem “wrong” or create danger to themselves or others. They are highly aware of what is normal in their daily environment, and what is not. Why? Because finding the “abnorm” as early as possible creates additional time to make good decisions and, if at all possible, avoid danger all together. And its all about “making good decisions in fractions of a second”!

                        Our defense mechanisms must be fine-tuned and sensitized and our solutions must be accessible, effective, and usable without thought. Successful security is 90% human element and 10% technological element.

                        Take the time to learn the the most effective ways to fine-tune your natural defensive weapons and enhance your abilities to “make good decisions in fractions of a second”. Doing so will make it much more unlikely that you’ll need anything other than them to keep yourselves, your families and co-workers safe!

                        Published Jan 04, 2016

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