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                        The Threat of Terror in Your Community

                        By: Terry L Choate, Jr


                        Blue-U Defense

                        The Already Huge Ante Has Just Been “Upped”

                        I’ve been predicting a San Bernardino-type of incident for quite some time now. It has been very clear that there will come a time when every community in this country will be concerned. I believe, and can actually say I know, that we are at the beginning of this time right now. Why? For exactly the reasons why and how this horrible tragedy just happened in San Bernardino, CA.

                        Think about ISIS (and other terror organizations):

                        Powerful and growing in both strength and influence! If you believe in their doctrine and/or theology, you have a single goal in life – to eradicate unbelievers! Yet their training is simply too far away and out-of-reach of the majority of those residing in the United States. To those living in the United States ISIS is a world away thus making it really only a dream for a radical Islamist (the use of “radical Islamist” is what it is and it is not intended to either offend anyone or imply that Islam as a theology is violent) living in the United States to actively participate with ISIS, and “do their part” in the cause. In other words, joining ISIS is not like joining the United States military where you simply go to the closest neighborhood recruiter to join, go off to training and know that you’ll be taken care of. It is out-of-reach and unrealistic for many of those who might be very willing and able but are living in the United States. Until now!

                        The Real Danger – Enter the Lone Wolf

                        The new strategy of ISIS is the Lone Wolf attacker. They have now found a way to make use of, and give a purpose to, the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of those described above. In fact, ISIS has called for Lone Wolf attacks. So when we see another attack like San Bernardino, it wont be because it’s a copy-cat attack, it will likely be because it is a “causal attack”.

                        The San Bernardino attack happened at a place that, outside of an incident of workplace violence, I never would’ve thought likely for a terrorist attack. Why? Because I would not have thought there to be enough people to make a big enough mark. This attack, however, clearly tells us that the way we have always thought may be significantly wrong. This means, that it can literally happen anywhere!

                        Life in General

                        For life to be productive, happy and successful everyone needs to have a purpose, a cause, and hope. These days, there are many, many people who lack this purpose and have no hope. These are the very people that gangs prey on for new members by promising them a sense of purpose, belonging and “fitting in”. They take someone who may not ordinarily be violent and aggressive and make them violent and aggressive. They teach them that violence and aggression is necessary to survive; they teach them that the world hates them and that the only family that they really have is the “gang”. As a result, their life becomes living for the gang and the cause.

                        Terror organizations are “similar” although I would think that a much higher percentage are involved because they truly believe in the mission and theology.

                        This is another thing to keep in mind:

                        These people truly believe that what they are doing is their calling from God!

                        This should not be taken lightly. Even though I personally don’t believe that God has called for the killing of those who do not believe in the message of Islam (or at least some types of Islam as I don’t want to characterize all Islamists as violent and extreme), they do. And while unbelievers may think that they are wrong, they in turn think they are right. So ultimately, we all have world and religious views and which are right and which are wrong is irrelevant. Its what we believe and what we do with that belief that is the matter of discussion. Unfortunately, the belief and calling of those engaged with ISIS is for violence. Again, however, it is their belief and they are doing what they believe they should be doing.

                        So, where am I going with this? There are likely thousands upon thousands of people, sympathetic to ISIS, in this country that can very easily play a marked role in their fight and purpose. And they can be, and are, in the smallest of towns. This combined with the fact that they aren’t necessarily looking for huge numbers of casualties should be of great concern whether you reside in the smallest of towns or the largest of cities and regardless of where you might be within these towns and cities.

                        A Passion to Survive? You Must Train and Take Steps to Prepare Yourself for Such an Incident

                        I talk about this in our training course because it is critical to consider. Does anyone NOT have a passion to survive? I have never had anyone raise their hand when asked this question. If they did, I might be very concerned about this person! Anyway, think about what passion is? If we have a passion for something, anything, what do we do as a result of this passion? We practice, prepare, study, spend time, get better, buy things to make ourselves better, etc. The passion is the thing that we can’t wait to do when we are not doing it!

                        So, if you are not doing things regularly to enhance your abilities to survive, then you have to question your passion to survive. Are you teaching your children and those closest to you how to prepare for and learn to survive a violent encounter?

                        Active Shooter – Surviving a Violent Encounter

                        The Blue-U Defense Active Shooter – Surviving a Violent Encounter course gives you the foundation necessary to prepare yourselves to understand, avoid and, if necessary, win in a violent encounter!

                        And if not Blue-U Defense, then just do something to get, and stay, prepared. Training, preparation, and awareness are critical to survival!

                        Published Dec 05, 2015

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