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                        Visualization: Tricking Your Mind Into Believing You Are an Expert on Dealing With Violence

                        Appropriately reacting to sudden incidents of violence requires making "good decisions in fractions of a second" for successful solutions. When we experience a sudden incident of unplanned violence our minds begin to search for something that we have experienced in the past that is as closely related to the incident that you are experiencing to locate a successful solution. If it cannot quickly find a "hit" it will continue to search. What happens while it is searching for a solution causes the "freeze" part of the "fight, flight or freeze" response. So, in order to make life saving decisions our minds must "hit" on a solution extremely quickly when faced with a potentially life or death incident. These quick decisions come from our subconscious mind however they are based on life experiences. What many don’t realize is that our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and what we lead it to believe reality is. This means that we can actually make our minds believe that we have experienced things that we have only tricked it into believing that we have experienced. We have all heard of or known someone who has "lied so many times about a particular incident or event that they truly believe that what they say is actually true". This is a subconscious mind tricked into believing a false reality. This false reality however, can be just as impactful as the true reality.

                        There are few that can actually call themselves "experts" in dealing with violent encounters as it takes many successful sudden and unplanned incidents to begin to be able to make "good decisions in fractions of a second" based on real experience. So how do we deal with this problem?

                        We deal with it through "Mindsetting and Visualization" Techniques. This is picturing yourself inside of every crime that you ever see, hear of, or read about to include adding sound and feeling to the scenario. It takes little to become really good at this and through this technique you truly can become an expert and highly experienced in the area of successfully surviving a sudden and traumatic incident of violence.

                        In a business/school incident of violence, it is critical that ALL employee/students react properly and find fast and appropriate responses that can contribute to saving lives. Mindsetting/Visualization and real life experience can be the most valuable elements of success in future incidents however, they are perishable elements. Mindsetting/Visualization must be a daily exercise. The more you do it properly, the more experienced your mind will believe that you are. This is not something that you have to officially set time aside for. If you read or watch the news, talk to friends, family or co-workers you will assuredly find the material you need. The more "experiences" that your mind has to draw from the far more likely it will find a good solution quickly (regardless of the particulars of it) and avoid the "freeze" that comes as a result of not being able to find a solution. As a result, you will have a much higher tendency to remain calm and find quick and highly effective solutions.

                        Practice Mindsetting/Visualization daily!

                        Published Oct 21, 2015

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