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                        Tactics! A Critical Element in Your Safety Training


                        A Critical Element in Mastering Your Opponent

                        “Learning Tactics inside your own facility is invaluable!”

                        So once you have attended our Understanding Violence training, and you understand the core ideals of our truly practical and effective system of preparation, awareness, the decision-making process, and mastering yourself and your opponent mentally (winning the critical battle of the mind), what is the logical “next step” in an overall training plan?

                        To find an answer we have to think about the process of (OODA Loop) - Observing, Orienting, Deciding (decisions) and Acting. So those who have taken our Understanding Violence Course are well on their way to mastering awareness, making good decisions in fractions of a second – In general, mastering your opponent mentally! What’s next? Acting! And Acting is Tactics!

                        And while this may appear to lead one to believe that Tactics are a mandatory “second step” in our training curriculum, this is not by any means the case. “Tactics” sit solidly beside “Understanding”. They both are critical elements in the mastering and control of sudden and violent encounters.

                        Think about this:

                        Mastering Fear and the Decision-Making Process is critical for one primary purpose and goal - to escape! But, for a large number of reasons, there will be times when escape is not an option! There will be times when you are forced to “do something as opposed to nothing”!

                        So if you sat down in a training class, or watched a training video on tactics, and were told that your three options in any violent encounter, RUN, HIDE or FIGHT, would you be satisfied that you could win based on this training? This would be the equivalent of teaching a training course on swimming and, starting with a classroom session, telling students to kick their feet and paddle with their hands once thrown into the water. It MAY work, but only following panic, hope and desperation. But would this classroom training make you confident that you’d be able to swim? Likely not however, having never attempted to swim, and not knowing what was going to happen to you once thrown into the water, this instruction may lead you to believe that you’d be ok when, in reality, this is likely not the case.

                        For tactics to be effective, you have to understand “the bad guy”. You have to understand human nature and instinct and what “the hunter” does as a result of them. You have to understand, based on studying “the bad” guy HOW TO RUN, WHERE TO RUN, HOW TO HIDE, WHERE TO HIDE, and HOW TO FIGHT (only as an extremely last resort). Remember, everything that you do during a violent encounter must be a means to escape!

                        Enter the Blue-U Defense Practical Tactics Course

                        While we touch on the extreme fundamentals of our theories on tactics in our Understanding Violence Course, there is far more to study, discuss and practice before you will feel confident that you are a “master of tactics”.

                        Like all of our other courses, this courses effectiveness comes through “telling AND SHOWING”! The Tactics that we cover in our Understanding Violence Course are only a very minor portion of the “telling”! And, like everything else, Tactics must be practical! Your defensive weapons must be ready and available to use without anything more than just remembering that they are available and potential solutions; they must be extremely effective and require little practice or mastering to implement effectively.

                        Our Practical Tactics Course is a 3-hour course designed to significantly raise your understanding of, and confidence level in your ability to perform appropriately and effectively in any violent encounter, whether it be at work, school or at home. And, as “Showing” is a critical element in effective understanding, we combine both classroom, video and hands-on active role-playing/drills.

                        The greatest value in this course is it is designed and taught right at your business so the scenarios, tactics, discussions, and plans are directly benefiting you and your co-workers/employees!

                        If you would like to know more about this course please visit and navigate to our Contact Us area and use the Corporate Training Request Form or email me directly at

                        Published Jun 05, 2015

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