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                        NH Stand Your Ground Case? It’s a Great "Mindsetting" Exercise

                        A few days ago, in Manchester, a man shot two intruders, killing one, after they forcefully kicked in a door to his residence and rushed at him immediately following entry into the residence at 245am. See WMUR article here:


                        This has been ruled a homicide however no charges have been filed against the man. Is this a Stand Your Ground Law case? It will be interesting to see what happens and, more importantly, learn all of the details of this case. From the few details that have been released it appears to be a clear case of Stand Your Ground and a good example as to why the law is good. This, however, does not by any means signify that the law is never abused or taken advantage of; that it’s never used as an excuse to use excessive force on someone. And we do not have all of the details of this case so maybe we shouldn’t assume anything at this point. Remember what we teach at our seminars - sometimes a very minor detail can change the whole situation from good to bad! This is why we need to training, learn and understand the laws as well as consider the moral issues and consequences that go along with the use of force.

                        You can, and should, use even the few details released in this case to mindset, train and gain your own experience from this incident. As we teach in our seminars, put yourself in the position of the resident of this home. What would you be thinking? How fast would your heart be beating? How would you respond to this elevated heart rate? How much fear would you be feeling and how would you respond to it? What would you be evaluating as this incident unfolds? What would you be telling your family to do? Picture your reaction and what you would do once entry is made? Should you take action before entry is made? If so, what exactly should, and can you legally do to prevent entry? I mean really put yourself in the position of the homeowner! Doing this will lead your mind to believe that it has actually experienced this incident. When you "mindset" you will see that what might appear to be lacking much in detail is actually a significant amount of details! Use these situations to your advantage!

                        Published Jun 14, 2013

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