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                        Its the Best Defense in a Use of Force Situation.

                        If you take someones life in what you believe is justified self-defense, and it is later determined that it was not self defense as you could’ve taken steps to avoid the confrontation, and as a result, you are convicted and go to jail? Have you won? What if, after a long fought battle to assert a claim of self defense you actually prevail? Have you won? While there are firearm owners out there who might welcome an opportunity to take someones life in self defense, most responsible firearm owners would not! And I can assure you, even those who think they would are mistaken. And there is a huge difference between willingness to take a life and desire to take a life!

                        Let me ask you this question:

                        Does Stand Your Ground protect you from liability?

                        The answer is MAYBE! And only MAYBE! You can review case-after-case and find several with almost identical details where some were decided one way and the others were decided completely the opposite. Is this worth the risk? And, again, I am telling you its a huge risk.

                        So what should you do to protect yourselves?


                        Regardless of the fact that the law says that you are not required to, do it anyway if you can do so safely and at no risk to other living people!

                        In the end, I promise you this: If you can articulate that you made every effort to retreat, regardless of the fact that you did not have too, before you ultimately had no choice but to use force on someone, you will absolutely fair far better in the long-run!

                        Published Nov 06, 2013

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