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                        Why Blue-U Defense Training is Critical to Your Personal Defense Plan

                        The first question that I have for you is:

                        Do you even have a Personal Defense Plan?

                        For most, defense planning doesnít exist unless they are confronted with a situation that requires the possibility of defending themselves or, in simpler terms, spur of the moment reaction to a situation. We teach that the first time that you are considering a reaction to a situation should not be when it is actually happening.

                        So, if you donít have a personal protection plan - you should!

                        A personal defense plan, to be as effective as possible, should include far more than the things that most people think about like being robbed, raped or assaulted and a response to these situations (although these are critically important as well). There are many things within your daily activities that are far more likely to cause serious injury or death than being robbed, raped or assaulted. Think about the one thing that most do daily that is most likely to injury or kill you? Driving! Yet how many ever spend ANY time on thinking about the many ways in which you can greatly improve your chances of not falling victim to a driving related accident? How about walking up-and-down stairs? Or being attacked by an a dog? Or being the victim of an internet scam? How about defense against liability for making a bad decision?

                        Blue-U Defense Training covers not only the more common areas of defense but many, far less considered areas as well. AND, we assist you in the development of a plan!

                        Have you ever considered the practicality of your defense? As we teach, if it is not something that is effective and that you can draw upon and use instantly, with little to no thought, then it is useless. Our training and remedies to dangerous situations is designed based on complete practicality.

                        If you have not attended our seminars, I am encouraging you to do so. Our training is unique and has been praised as such by many who have attended numerous other courses including NRA instruction.

                        Published Dec 23, 2013

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