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                        Why? My wife and I were at a local retailer the other day and, at the checkout a male cashier asked if we had a Rewards Card. My wife responded by handing him her rewards card and simultaneously telling the cashier that we never really get any rewards from this "Rewards Card". The cashier then punched some information into the register computer and asked "what is your address"? I replied by asking "what address do you have listed"? The cashier went on to read our current address! Then reality hit and hit me pretty hard in a couple of ways:

                        1. I prompted this guy to say our address out loud. Bad Move!

                        2. This male cashier, if he were a less then honorable person, stalker, rapist, burglar, etc knows exactly where we live and, from there, what he can obtain is both simple and limitless.

                        3. By the cashier reading our information out-loud, anyone who heard it now became a potential threat. What a dummy I am! Especially as one who trains others to protect themselves! But, at least, I can use it for the good of those who want to learn.

                        So - I got a PO Box to use for anything that absolutely does not require a physical address. It is far safer and adds a fairly significant layer of privacy between you and the ill-intentioned.

                        Is this something that you think about on a regular basis? There are some who would say that it is but for most the answer is no. This, however, is exactly what Blue-U training is all about. The less considered, yet most important areas of our lives.

                        Donít you hate when you are in line in a public place and you are asked to give the cashier personal information? Mostly this is a date-of-birth, phone, number, address, etc as as means of identifying yourself. Not a good thing at all! If you need to provide this information please donít do it verbally when there are others around. Write your answer on a piece of paper and hand the piece of paper to the requestor.

                        Am I being overly paranoid? Absolutely not. We are seeing scams and identity theft regularly in law enforcement.

                        Published Dec 24, 2013

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