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                        Be Suspicious of Everyone

                        Be suspicious of everyone! When we discuss the details of this in our training courses, there are some that question whether this may be bordering on "paranoia". The answer, in our opinion is YES IT IS! However, there is good reason to always be in a state that borders on paranoia. Actually a more accurate description should really be "a heightened state of alert".

                        This particular area is a fairly large piece of our Practical Personal Protection Course because it is so critical and branches into numerous other areas that are equally critical to your safety. In our course I use the example of an "Alley Cat". Watching one can teach us a great deal about safety. They are suspicious of everyone and everything, they take a very wide berth if someone is approaching (they don’t let anyone into their personal space or comfort zone), they move quickly by any potential of danger (avoid), and they rarely warm up to anyone very quickly, if ever (it takes a lot to win their hearts). In fact, I would say they are downright rude! However, in the end, their actions and demeanors keep them safe.

                        Am I saying that you need to be rude to everyone that you don’t know! No, however you must make it known that you will not allow anyone to get to close to you. In the end, many may consider you rude. This, however, has saved many people’s lives according to the predators who were looking to get close to a potential victim. They look for the people who will "let them in" with little effort on their part. And when they found the person who was more concerned about "not being rude" than their safety, that person suffered the consequences. Its unfortunate that we have to think this way but its a fact.

                        As I say in every one of our posts, Blue-U Defense Training will provide you with the tools and knowledge that you need to develop and work a plan that will increase your chances of staying safe in all areas of your lives. It makes personal protection a way of life, which is must be in order to be effective.

                        Published Dec 28, 2013

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