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                        Lock Your Doors!

                        Do you think the title of this Practical Personal Defense Tip is funny? Maybe it seems obvious? Ridiculous?

                        I realize that there are many out there who do exactly that:

                        Lock their doors!

                        No matter what!

                        All of the time!

                        And this includes locking their homes, vehicles and garages. I underlined and bolded these because they are ALL critical.

                        As we explain in our seminars, burglaries are skyrocketing. We deal with them regularly in our jurisdiction and they have become almost weekly, if not daily, common in many other, and they certainly exist to some extent in all jurisdictions. What do you think might be the first question that we ask a burglary victim when we respond to their residence or vehicle? You probably got this:

                        Were your doors locked?

                        And what percentage do you think tell us that they actually had their doors locked?

                        The percentage is very small! People believe that because "we live in NH" there is no need to lock doors to residences or vehicles. "Thats why we live here" right? WRONG!

                        I donít care where you live or how immune you feel your area is to crime - THINK AGAIN and LOCK YOUR DOORS!

                        And this recommendation, to lock your doors, is more than just being about burglaries! There has been an unbelievable increase in car jackings, other vehicle related crime, and home invasions. By the way, the difference between a burglary and a home invasion is that typically a home invasion carries with it an intent for the perpetrator to commit a violent crime against the occupants - robbery, rape, assault, murder, etc.

                        Again, our followers who do not lock your doors, please start doing so today! And for those of you who do, fortify your residence as much as possible.

                        In coming Practical Personal Defense Tips Ill get into more detail about why you need to fortify based on how perpetrators select their victims.

                        Published Dec 31, 2013

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