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                        Violent Situations = Chaos. Can you bring order to them?

                        If you are attacked, or find yourself in any type of violent situation, especially if its unplanned, it is likely ALWAYS going to be chaos. And with the exception of choreographed scenes on TV which only make it APPEAR as though a martial artist can bring order to a physical altercation, you will most likely be unable to do it successfully.

                        So, if I say that this is the case EVERY TIME (that all physical altercations and assaults are chaos and you will likely not be able to bring order to them), what good does it do to train? I guess my answer is - it doesn’t do any good (or little good at least) if you don’t train properly.

                        So if you know that these incidents are going to likely ALWAYS be chaos, then the obvious thing to do would be to train for chaos. But how do you train for chaos? This is a difficult question to answer in a blog post because, while it is extremely simple on one hand, there is much thats goes into understanding it. In general however:

                        If you train to make a violent, unexpected encounter even more chaotic, then are you not technically bringing order to the situation by creating unexpected disorder for your opponent?

                        So how do you train? If you train to insert more chaos into an encounter, or respond to chaos with "organized chaos" (which is what it will be once you train for it and understand it) then you are in control. And being in control gives you the "high ground" or advantage.

                        Blue-U Defense offers a training curriculum designed to form a complete Personal Protection Plan with focus on the most important and extremely practical aspects of personal defense. Our courses are designed to help you bring organization to chaos, and make good, well-thought, fast and practical decisions in a traumatic encounter that will give you the best chance of avoiding injury and, just as important yet rarely discussed, liability.

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                        Published Jan 01, 2014

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