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                        Watch Out For SLIDERS! Unbelievable!!!!

                        If you were looking to hire "the perfect employee" for your business, what would be on your list of attributes for that "ideal person"? You might be surprised to realize that most criminals are, in general, far more dedicated individuals to "their work" than many law abiding people. They are really true entrepreneurs with an extremely high level of dedication and commitment to improve, and succeed. Think about it:

                        • They are always thinking about how they can do "their jobs" better.

                        • They rarely ever stop thinking about "their jobs" (They actually take their work home with them)

                        • They are always looking for new business

                        • They will capitalize on an opportunity regardless of whether they are "on the clock" or not

                        • They live and sleep their "jobs"

                        If only all working people could possess this level of self motivation and dedication!

                        Anyway, why the heck am I writing about this?

                        I saw a new method being used by thieves to steal stuff out of vehicles WHILE YOU ARE GETTING FUEL AND STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR CAR! Heres how it works:

                        You pull up to a fuel pump and get out to pump the fuel. Many females, while they are pumping fuel, leave their purses either on the front passenger seat or rear seat. While you are pumping fuel the thief will sneak-up on the opposite side of the car, quietly open the door and take your personal belongings out without you ever even knowing it. Check them out in action. They’re called "Sliders":

                        Does this type of stuff raise the bar a bit for the importance of practical personal defense? It confirms that you cannot ever think that "everything is ok"! Remember, a sound practical personal defense plan should include a strong emphasis on "intelligence" gathering and knowledge of your opponents tactics and mindset.

                        I guess you need to start locking your doors when you exit your vehicle for any reason and regardless of the duration in which you will be out of it.


                        Published Jan 03, 2014

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