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                        Words of Wisdom from A Serial Rapist. How Can You Learn From Them

                        Sometimes its best to hear it from the experts themselves. When it comes to crime there is typically a perpetrator and a victim. One is an expert in their craft (perpetrator) however the other (victim) has no experience at all. You can’t be an experienced victim! It would be like a professional football team playing against a team that knew nothing more about the game than the rules. Quite lopsided right? So if you were seeking advice on how to deter a criminal from making you a victim, who would it be better to ask - the "perp" or the victim? The professional or the rookie? I think the answer to this question is obvious.

                        According to rapists themselves, in almost all cases, they are looking for "vulnerability" and "control". These two things form the foundation of their crime which is ultimately the choice of a victim. So the lessen is quite simple and direct:

                        Do not appear to be vulnerable and controllable!

                        What is one of the key tests of vulnerability and controllability?


                        So, do not allow yourself to be "approachable" by people that you don’t know. Its difficult for many people to do this because it demonstrates an ere of hardness, snobbiness, and rudeness. People, in general, do not want to be viewed this way. Unfortunately, it may keep you alive. There are other things that you can do to appear to be, and actually be, too much for a perpetrator to waste their time on. These are all covered in our Practical Personal Protection Seminar.

                        Published Jan 06, 2014

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