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                        You Must Understand the Extent of Abuse!

                        When we discuss what we believe to be at the core of the majority of crimes, illegal drugs, most of the people who attend our seminars seemed extremely surprised by this. How can this be? We are in NH! Let me tell you this:

                        YOU know someone, whether you are actually aware of it or not, who is addicted to either prescription pills or illegal narcotics!

                        I was talking with someone the other day who has a family member who is addicted to heroin. When I told them that the problem was so widespread and that I was confident tat they knew someone else in their lives, whether it be at work or elsewhere, that was addicted to narcotics, they admitted that they themselves were addicted to prescription pain killers. Note the difference between prescription and non-prescription addiction. One is legal and one is not and this is a huge difference.

                        However, from the pure standpoint of addiction, is there any difference? An addict is an addict! For those who look at addicts like they are the scum of the Earth, think again! And even smokers, if you cannot quit then you are an addict! The basic problem is no different whether you are a heroin addict, alcoholic, smoker or prescription pill addict. All I am saying is don’t be so quick to look down on addicts!

                        Anyway, the drug problem is so widespread its startling. Its both saddening and angering too me! As a Police Officer, my mission is to do whatever I can do minimize the problem within my jurisdiction. I’ve come to the realization that this is a nearly impossible mission. So what can we do?

                        We can recognize the problem within your own circle and deal with it within that circle. If we tend to our own we will have a much greater impact overall.

                        Over the next few days Ill be posting more information on this topic and how to recognize the signs that someone close to you might have a problem. Its critical that you know. Most don’t recognize because they’ve never been taught to recognize it.

                        And trust me, DO NOT THINK THAT ANYONE IS IMMUNE! I don’t care how good you think your sons/daughters, mothers/fathers, relatives, friends, etc are! I have seen it over and over again. People that you would never think would be anything but a model citizen find themselves in jail for long periods of time or, worse yet, dead!

                        Why am I doing this on this forum? Because if I believe that this is the core of the majority of crime, then it becomes a huge factor in an overall personal protection plan!

                        Published Jan 24, 2014

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