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                        How Does It Happen?

                        I can tell you that the rise in the rate of prescription pill and heroin abuse in NH has been astronomical. Some police departments have seen a 100 percent increase in arrests related to illegal drugs. And its not only heroin and prescription drugs that are the problems. Its cocaine, crystal meth, "Molly", "bath salts", etc. And, as we discuss in our seminars, drugs lead to associated problems like burglaries, armed robberies, home invasions, general violence, overdoses, etc.

                        When it comes to a personal protection plans, this drug problem MUST factor into your plan in two specifics ways:

                        1. Protecting yourselves and your homes from the crime associated with drug abuse and distribution

                        2. Protecting your family from becoming addicts and/or dealers

                        As I said in my last post, regardless of who you are and how good and safe from this problem that you believe your children, loved ones, co-workers and loved ones to be - no one is immune!

                        So how did this drug problem grow to be so out-of-control?

                        It typically starts with "legal" prescription drugs, namely - pain killers and/or anti-depressant type drugs like Percoset, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Adderoll, Morphine, etc. One gets injured, goes to the doctor and is prescribed a pain killer. You take the pain killer until, before you have any idea, you are addicted. Eventually the prescriptions run out (doctor will no longer prescribe them, insurance won’t pay for them, etc) so you must suddenly resort to buying the actual prescription pills illegally. Why? Because you are addicted and need them! That, however, gets way too expensive. So you turn to a much more affordable option that actually provides a much better "high" - Heroin! Once you are addicted to heroin you cannot function well enough, nor do you care enough to keep a job. You must, however, support your addiction so you start to do illegal things to fund the addiction (burglaries, stealing from family and friends, robbery, home invasions, etc). Its a horrible, never ending cycle.

                        Once again I will remind you:

                        More than likely you know someone who is addicted to either "legal" prescription drugs or "illegal" prescription drugs or narcotics. It is extremely widespread! And again, these people are not bad people! They are addicts just like alcoholics and smokers! The difference? Only that smoking and alcohol are legal. Is the pure addiction, however, any different? An addict is an addict. Where the line must be drawn is in the criminal acts that support the addiction. All I am saying is don’t crucify the addict simply because they are addicts. We do have to hold them accountable however.

                        And, in my opinion, doctors may be just a bit too quick to write prescriptions for these highly addictive drugs. Check this out:

                        A person that I know that had a drug addiction in the past went to the emergency room following a fall that caused a serious injury. She told the doctor that she could not take pain killers due to a former addiction to opiates. As she was being released, and in final consultation with the doctor, he stated "I know you said you can’t take pain killers but I’m going to give you a prescription anyway...just in case" and proceeded to hard her the prescription. Are you kidding me!

                        I realize that it is very difficult for doctors to "prove" pain. They have a job to do and their job is to ease pain. How can they really know if their patient is in pain, or not? But when a patient tells them not to prescribe a pain killer then darn it don’t prescribe it!

                        The other problem:

                        There is little help for those who have no insurance or financial support. MA does a much better job than NH in this area. MA has numerous "state funded" detox facilities that are open to residents with or without insurance or financial ability. NH has few, if any, options like this.

                        Again, the problem is widespread and growing rapidly. So what can we do? The posts that follow in this series will help to guide you in protecting yourself and your family from the crime associated with drugs and recognizing the signs of drug activity and drug abuse so that you can protect those you care about from becoming addicts.

                        The police cannot fight this battle alone!

                        Published Jan 28, 2014

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