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                        Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

                        When you read the title of this article, which particular asset “popped into your head”? Equipment? Product? Buildings? People? Intellectual property? They are all obviously important! I think it safe to say, however, that “people” are our most important assets! Agreed?

                        Have you ever heard of an “Active Shooter”? I’m certain that most everyone has. You can’t go any more than a couple of days without hearing of a violent act at a school or business somewhere in this country. When you hear of these incidents, what do you think and feel? For most it’s a simple “that’s to bad”, “I feel bad for them”, “those poor people”, “what is wrong with people” (referring to the shooter), “how could anyone do that”, etc. Few, however, really understand the real potential for becoming a victim themselves.

                        If you are an employer, did you know that OSHA and/or most all State Labor Laws have a General Duty Clause that requires you to train your employees in the area of Active Shooter and/or Workplace Violence? I have worked with and talked to numerous corporations ranging in size from 10-50,000 employees and, believe it or not, few have considered or have a plan for Active Shooter or Workplace Violence.

                        So what does your company do to protect this “most important” asset? Most provide health insurance coverage or some type of benefits, right (in many cases anyway)? Health insurance, in general, is a reactive benefit designed to help those with an established need. We train employees to safely run and maintain equipment. We spend thousands, hundreds or thousands and even millions of dollars on training and maintenance to protect equipment and keeping it running and producing revenue for as long as possible. We spend thousands of dollars and devote much time to preventing and dealing with fire (fire drills) in schools, businesses and our homes. In fact, we’ve all participated in fire drills all our lives!

                        OSHA statistics show that the top four causes of workplace death or injury are:

                        1. Driving

                        2. Assault/Violence/Homicide

                        3. Contact with Equipment

                        4. Falls

                        The top two, Driving and Assault, Violence, Homicide account for 57% of the total! And Assault, Violence, Homicide are the leading cause of death amongst females in the workplace!

                        USA Today published, in 2013, that Traffic Accident Fatalities were 12/100,000 people and for Firearm Related Violence 10/100,000. We all know that there are way too many people killed each year in traffic crashes! If violence related fatalities are that close statistically, should we not be extremely concerned?

                        Conversely, does anyone know how many people are killed or injured each year as a result of fire in either schools or businesses? Very, very few! Yet, again, we train for fire related tragedy all our lives, on a regular basis.

                        Consideration #2:

                        Are your employees only important to your business while they are at work?

                        If you loose an employee as a result of an accident or violent encounter while they are away from work, is the loss to your business any less valuable?

                        So, assuming that it is, in fact, no less valuable a loss, then why are we not training our employees to keep themselves safe both while they are at work AND while they are away from work?

                        How About Drug Abuse?

                        Do you drug test your employees? If you don’t, you should. If you are a follower of Blue-U, frequent our blog or attend our training you know that drug abuse is at all time highs (pardon the pun). It is extremely serious, a huge problem and highly prevalent in even the best of people. It is a problem nationwide AND locally – Its Everywhere! Just watch the news! This explosion in drug addiction and abuse is becoming recognized as one of the biggest problems our country is currently facing! Whether it is legal prescription pill addiction or illegal narcotics that stem from legal prescription abuse, there are millions of people with addiction problems. I see it every day as a Police Officer. I see the good people who have out-of-control addiction problems that go to work every day at highly reputable companies! Do you recognize an employee who has a problem with addiction? If not, you MUST take steps to educate yourself! The loss that your business suffers each year from the impact of drug addiction is huge. Most just don’t realize it.

                        Again, few companies take the appropriate steps to train their people and staff to recognize this huge problem that can seriously impact employee (asset) performance and company liability.

                        Blue-U Defense Corporate Resources

                        Blue-U Corporate Resources Training Programs cover the areas of Active Shooter, Drug Recognition, and Practical Personal Protection for companies, schools, employees, and students both while at work/school and away from work/school. Our training is unique! Our curriculum is designed to develop “master’s of self preservation”; experts in mentally preparing for and dealing with sudden, unplanned, violent encounters; master’s of making good, fast decisions; and experts in understanding and mastering the control of fear, adrenaline and tunnel vision. We use both classroom and live scenario training, a combination that we have found to be extremely effective.

                        Our instructors are all full-time or retired Law Enforcement Officers and/or SWAT Team Commanders or Operators. Why is this significant? Experience and control in sudden, high stress experiences are critical if you are going to teach others how to master these critical elements of personal protection.

                        What else? I worked as an upper-level executive in very large corporations for over 20 years prior to becoming a Law Enforcement Officer. I understand the corporate world as well as the law enforcement and personal defense world.

                        The Bottom Line?

                        Whether you call on Blue-U Corporate Services to assist you with your Active Shooter/Workplace Violence, Practical Personal Defense, Physical Site Security, Drug Recognition, Home Security or Executive Protection needs or another company, just call on someone! It’s absolutely critical!

                        Published Mar 18, 2014

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