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                        Vulnerability - Understanding Yours

                        If I asked a class of students to look around the room and point to the person that they feel might be most vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime, some of the things that each person would be looking for in the others, in order to make this determination, would be:

                        1. Age - Probably the oldest Person

                        2. Gender - Most likely a female (Big mistake in some cases!)

                        3. Strength

                        4. Fitness Level

                        5. Speed

                        6. Size

                        The person chosen would likely have the the highest combination of the worst of each of these attributes, as applied to an ability to defend themselves.

                        The interesting thing about this?

                        Few, if any, ever choose themselves!

                        So, let me tell you this:

                        We are all potential victims of crime!

                        Criminals, however, choose their victims in the same way that predators in the animal kingdom choose theirs - they look for vulnerabilities and choose what they see as the overall weakest available "subject" or potential victim to them.

                        So we must look at ourselves! Both overall and then within each unique circumstance of life, assess our vulnerabilities, and strengthen them. What do I mean by the unique circumstances of life? These are "micro-scenes". They change based on things like where you are, what you are doing, those around you, etc. For example, vacationing and sightseeing in an area that you are unfamiliar with; getting lost and being in an area that you are unfamiliar with; being anywhere that you are just not 100% comfortable with and familiar with the area or the circumstances around you; being anywhere where that there are people around you that you are not familiar with and, therefore, cannot fully trust. So, pretty much, unless you are inside your home, business or other area where you know and trust everyone, you are in a "micro-scene" and you must therefore assess your vulnerabilities and strengthen them. For those of you who have taken our training courses in Practical Personal Defense, this is an ongoing, ever changing process of the mind - very similar to OODA Loop.

                        To be able to quickly and accurately assess your vulnerabilities while in a "micro-scene", we need first take the time to assess ourselves overall, determine what we have that might be considered weaknesses, and fix those things as quickly as possible. The fewer vulnerabilities that we have in a "micro-scene" the fewer things we’ll have to deal with and therefore the quicker we will complete the process and make decisions. For example, if you are weak and out of shape, take steps to correct this! Being in good condition is one of the most critical factors in whether you win or lose a fight! They say that a full fledged fight for one minute is the equivalent of running 5 miles! I can tell you, from experience, that this is absolutely fact!

                        So, again, fix whatever vulnerabilities that you determine yourself to have that never change regardless of the situation that you find yourselves in - strength, physical conditioning, fighting skills, etc. All of these things "are what they are" and never change regardless of how the situation around you changes.

                        The second thing that is critical in vulnerability is acute awareness. This alone can be a huge deterrent to those looking for a victim! Most victims of crimes are oblivious to their surroundings! Criminals are looking for potential victims that are "just not paying attention" or "those who appear content" and "feel safe". The bottom line - learn to be acutely aware, at all times!

                        What else? Intuition! Be aware of it, hone it, and listen to it! So many people just "blow off" their intuition as "ridiculous" or "over-reacting". Don’t do this! We have intuition for a reason. It is a tremendous weapon if we recognize and listen to it. If you don’t not feel right about something or someone, leave, go the other way, get away from the person, etc.

                        To learn more about the practical skills of personal defense, please see our schedule of ongoing courses on various topics of defense.

                        Published Apr 03, 2014

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