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                        Please Consider Critical Safety Issue for Your Children

                        The Security of Our Children

                        We all acknowledge that there is danger in this world, right? And we all acknowledge this danger, to one extent or another, to our children, right? Think about this! What are some of the dangers that most concern us for our children? Strangers, getting struck by a vehicle, electricity, fire, fast moving water and many, many more. So how do we deal with these dangers? Let’s take being struck by a moving vehicle as an example:

                        We Teach Our Kids Exactly How to Cross a Street:

                        Stop prior to reaching the roadway and “LOOK BOTH WAYS”.

                        And we practice this with them over-and-over again until they seem to master it.

                        How about Stranger Danger:

                        We all acknowledge that there is a danger out there called “strangers”! Although strangers rarely equal danger the few times that they do create what would be anyone’s worst nightmare – losing a child or loved one and having no idea where they are, what has happened to them, and whether, or not, you will I ever see them again! Again, of all the things that could happen to your loved ones, this would be the absolute worst!

                        So how do we deal with strangers, in most cases? We tell our kids about strangers in general; we tell them never to talk with strangers, never approach a stranger, never take anything from a stranger, never go anywhere with a stranger, etc., etc. This is all great stuff! All of this stuff, however, is only ½ of the potential danger! Stopping here is like teaching your child to look only one direction before crossing a street! So what is the other half?

                        Consider this:

                        A very young girl is playing on a playground on a bright sunny day. Although there are “strangers” everywhere, this little girl is not violating any of the “stranger danger rules” she was taught. Neither is she paranoid or afraid of those strangers around her. In spite of being taught to avoid them, she is not in any way fearful of violence, fearful of being attacked, kidnapped, etc. She is simply doing what all kids do!

                        Suddenly, and in spite of the fact that she has done, and/or not done, anything that she has been taught regarding strangers, an adult male quickly and forcefully approaches her, grabs her, picks her up and begins to run towards a vehicle with her in his arms!

                        So How Does This Story End? Can You See the Headlines?

                        Girl Abducted From Playground. Search Continues.

                        Manhunt for Killer of Young Girl Continues!

                        Parents Devastated Over Loss of Abducted Child!

                        Fortunately, this story ends with good news! This young girl, when this thug grabbed her, just wasn’t ok with him doing this. She fought back! This young girl screamed, kicked, scratched, poked, and pulled hair – ALL WITH FURY!

                        The result – this thug let her go and ran away! There are numerous lessons to be learned from this story however I am going to focus on one:

                        This child’s parents went the gigantic extra step to deal with the other half of stranger danger. ABDUCTION by FORCE!

                        Think about this, had this young girl not been taught to fight, the headlines above would’ve been exactly what would’ve been printed! Instead, they are quite different.

                        Now note that this little girl was not fearful while she was playing on the playground, she wasn’t paranoid, she wasn’t “afraid” to go outside, she wasn’t mentally scarred in any way. Nor are children who are taught about fire danger going through life paranoid that they are going to burn to death, or those taught about the dangers of electricity paranoid that they are going to get electrocuted! And the list goes on-and-on.

                        Too many parents, and schools for that matter, are concerned about teaching their kids about the dangers of violence for the fear of “scaring” them. It’s a good thing that the parents of the young girl above didn’t think that way! Many times when we go into schools and talk about teaching kids to do something potentially “offensive” in nature in an incident of violence or active shooter, only as a potential option or tool to be used as a last, life-saving resort, school administrators quickly become defensive – “we cant teach our kids anything that might put them in danger!” While this way of thinking is truly understandable, consider this:

                        If there is an incident, whether at school, home, on the streets, or anywhere else, if your children are there then they are already in danger simply by the fact that they are there! Offensive tactics are not designed or intended to create a danger that otherwise may not have been there save a decision to use an offensive tactic. They are designed to use “as a last resort” to potentially save a life. Would you rather your children fight for their lives or be injured or killed doing nothing more than begging for it?

                        Danger exists and our children must fully understand the entire scope of this danger! Not just a part of it! Please understand that I am not suggesting anyone change their way of raising and teaching their children as this is a personal choice and I respect whatever that choice might be. I am simply providing information for you to consider. If we are successfully going to defend against anything, we need to know what we are up against, completely! I truly hope this helps. Whether you are a parent, school administrator, or anyone who has a concern or responsibility for children, please consider teaching them everything that you can to keep them safe.

                        All of our training is based on the number one priority in any decision-making process during an incident of violence– escape! There will be times, however, when escape is just not possible and you will have to do something more. If this happens you need to be trained and prepared and SO DO OUR CHILDREN!

                        Published May 15, 2015

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