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To Whom it may concern,

I’m writing on behalf of Lt Terry Choate

As a firearms instructor in New Hampshire one of my most important jobs is helping people understand the value of threat avoidance, deescalation and simply leaving a bad situation if at all possible. We also need to encourage citizens who have firearms for personal and home protection to educate themselves on NH state laws regarding use-of-force. To that end, Terry’s class, Stand Your Ground, is a class every firearms owner must attend.

The information Terry provides allows the firearms owner the opportunity to understand aspects of how NH law is applied and understood by law enforcement professionals. The information is provided in a logical, sequential order. It allows people to understand how and why the "stand Your Ground" law may or may not protect a citizen using deadly force from additional liability.

The anecdotal information provided from a law enforcement perspective is both helpful and powerful. In my experience too many New Hampshire citizens realize what they thought they knew was not actually reality!

In summary, I would highly recommend any firearms instructor and gun club consider hosting Terry and his company. I found this class absolutely essential from a personal protection standpoint. This class was some of the best money I’ve ever spent for training. There is no doubt that every person who owns a firearm for personal protection should take this course.

Should you have any additional questions please feel free to reach me.

Best regards,

Seth Wish

On Target Training LLC

    Seth Wish
    On Target Training/President Peterborough Sportsman Club



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