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Our Commitment to Our Clients? Passion!

We are now approaching 100 individual clients!

As we move through 2016, our first order of business, as was the case last year and every year, is to give thanks! Blue-U Defense has become extremely successful for a variety of reasons and we are thankful to God for the blessing and corresponding responsibility of this company and the passion that has been instilled in us to continuously improve our knowledge and the quality of our product. And this is an extremely critical responsibility that we take very seriously! We have been trusted by some of the most reputable businesses, schools, hospitals, sporting clubs, trade associations and law enforcements related groups and in 2015, even a very large federal agency. Additionally we have been asked to speak at, and provide our training, at businesses, healthcare institutions, school districts, local and national trade shows and associations, and on-and-on! Its absolutely incredible and we could not be more thankful! I am also thankful that personal safety has been my passion for many, many years - well before I even became a Police Officer.

Why am I thankful for passion and why is it our highest level of commitment? One of the most influential people in my life once told me "if you follow your passion, success will surely follow you. If you seek financial reward directly, rarely will you achieve your goals". This is so true! Passion is the key ingredient in success in anything!

What is passion? Everyone has "felt it" at one time or another so there is little need for an official definition. Itís the thing that you think about doing when you are not doing it and itís the thing that you do every time that you have the opportunity to do it. Itís the thing that you endlessly crave to do better, and learn more about. Itís the thing that you strive to be the absolute best at. While there can be "fad-type", short-term passions, true passions are long-term and consistent through time. Helping Others! And safety through practical and effective tactics, thorough understanding of the mind and how these things can have a significant impact on performance and decision-making when faced with a sudden, traumatic incident is our passion! Understanding the criminal mind, how it works, how it chooses itís victims, and how having a knowledge of these things can protect our clients is our passion. Understanding drugs and addiction and helping addicts, families and employers through these problems is our passion. And improving our product through continuous research and development is our passion.

Why is Passion Our First Commitment?

Because when you trust in Blue-U Defense to provide you, your family, your business, employees, patients, students, clients, etc with training, you need to know that those attending will walk out with a greatly increased understanding of, and ability to safely react to an incidence of violence against themselves or another. You need to bee 100% confident that it will result in fast and appropriate decisions that will positively impact your business, school, family, etc. You need to be 100% confident that you are getting accurate, practical, effective and up-to-date information that will lead to positive results. You need to know that you will be able to do something that has a far higher probability of success. Our PASSION ensures this! And we will never stop pursuing perfection of this commitment.

So what does this mean? It means that everyone representing Blue-U Defense will possess this extremely high level of passion for the topics that we instruct in and that we will all sacrifice for this passion to ensure that we always exceed our clients expectations! This is subject matter that, in a lifetime, one could never possess all of the experience, expertise, and information available. It does, however, require hours-and-hours of research, training and drilling every day, week, month and year and the ability to bring it to clients via a venue that can provide for a highly effective, practical, and usable conclusion.

We will promise you this PASSION!

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