Reality-Based, Thoughtfully Designed, Organizational Protection Systems

A Powerful, Systematic Approach to Organizational Protection

The first, and only, systematic solution to real organizational safety and security where every element is designed to work towards a common goal. The elements of  Phase One and Two are powerful; but what’s coming is going to change safety and security nationwide, and in every business, school, and organization. Here are some of the features of Phase One and Two:

  • Contactless COVID-19 Screening – Screen those entering your building without the need for human contact
  • Contactless Visitor Management utilizing multiple, high technology, features 
  • True ID Authentication – Be certain that you know who you are dealing with.
  • Live, Virtual Receptionist protects your most vulnerable without detracting from friendly, professional service
  • Facial Identification – 95% accurate with masks on
  • Contactless Access Control – Always locked doors managed by facial identification
  • Contactless, Automatic Employee/Visitor Entry/Exit Logging
  • Active Shooter Alerts, Live Monitoring, and Training
  • Live Dissemination of Actionable Intelligence during an incident of danger – Give people critical information when they need it
  • Proficiency Developing Safety and Security-Related Virtual Education
  • Evacuation/Reunification Management 

The best part?

  • Virtual-6 significantly Enhances Customer Experience!

Real safety and security cannot be pieced together. It must be thoughtfully designed with an ultimate goal. It requires a system that is comprised of numerous elements that are all critical to the effective operation of the system and that are all specifically and carefully implemented to work together to accomplish the goal. That’s exactly what Virtual-6 is. Where else can you find a system this packed full of features at a cost, utilizing a unique implementation process and various methods of acquisition, that anyone can afford.

We Think Big…Really Big!

So, we set out to develop Virtual-6 to be the most practical, effective, and affordable protection systems ever created…and we have succeeded. We have created a complete system full of features and benefits that can be implemented right now!

And Then?  We Thought About Budgets, Budget Processes, and Ease of Implementation

So, we found a better, more feasible way to give everyone easy, affordable access to Virtual-6. Its phased-in implementation that starts with Phase One Basic or Phase One Plus, followed by Phase 2, and then Phase 3, and so on, over time and as budget allows. We have designed Phase One to be the foundation of what everything else will be built upon and we wanted it to be inexpensive, and significantly enhance visitor management, safety and security, training, and fraud prevention – 3 of the most important elements of real, people and asset, safety and security.

And for those who want more right away? Phase 2 is ready to be released right now!

Check Out the Powerful Features of Phase One. It’s all about fraud prevention, knowing who you are dealing with in your facility, and education.

Phase One

  • True ID Authentication
  • Access to all Blue-U Defense Training, Education, and Experience-Building Resources
  • Reunification Management

Phase One Plus

  • Everything in Phase One + badge printing

Temperature Scanning

The only option to both packages? Temperature Scanning.

The Price?

Less than $5,000 year one (including temperature scanning) and $1,000 per year thereafter

Phase Two Features Available Now:

  • Contactless COVID-19 Screening
  • Contactless Access Control
  • Protect Your Highly Vulnerable Receptionist
  • Contactless, Automatic Employee/Visitor Entry/Exit Logging
  • Active Shooter Alerts, Live Monitoring, and Training
  • Live Dissemination of Actionable Intelligence During an Incident of Danger

The Price?

The cost of Phase Two is feature-dependant. The key to Phase Two is determining what features you want to build upon the Phase One foundation, determining cost and budgeting accordingly, in advance. Or, for companies that are aggressive and want everything now, we can accomodate you.

To learn more about Virtual-6 or purchase Phase One contact:

Terry L Choate, Jr – CEO/President of Blue-U Defense or call 603-759-7803