Foundation-Building Services

The most thoughtful, reality-based, safety and security starts with a solid foundation

If you don’t start with the proper foundation, you will never achieve “true safety and security”

What is the proper foundation required for achieving “true safety and security”?

Traditionally, solutions to resolving security are fragmented. This means that security in never viewed as a complete entity in which all elements are designed to work together towards a common goal. What should this goal be? True safety and security! True safety and security means not assuming that “if it looks and sounds good on paper, that it will work when reality strikes” because, most of the time – it won’t.

So, here’s what we do:

  • We provide security assessments from a completely different perspective and goal than anyone else. We start with this question: “How do we significantly enhance safety and security without spending a dime”. What this  results in is practical and reality-reality-based solutions. Are we always successful? Rarely. Enhancing safety and security will always carry cost. The point is that, if you truly did not have a dime to spend, we will significantly enhance your safety and security.
  • We can’t resolve safety and security without knowing what a threat is likely to do or where they are likely to go, what they are likely to pay attention to and/or ignore – in your specific building. Until this is determined, we cannot invest in and implement solutions and expect that they are going to work. We have a very unique process to determine this.
  • Constructionless Security Rebuild. We can give you a brand new, safe and secure building with little to no construction. In other words, we can accomplish safety and security enhancements that approach the benefits achieved through remodeling and/or rebuilding utilizing your current layout and resources.

Any one of these services, even if you do nothing else, will conclude in the absolute best Return on Investment of anything you have ever done to enhance your safety and security.