Blue-U Virtual Executive Security Academy

The most innovative, experience-building learning curriculum in the world

Blue-U Virtual Executive Security Academy

When we designed the Blue-U Executive Security Academy, our goal was to do away with ineffectual methodologies that may have worked in the past, but are no longer effective. Today’s security professionals must be leaders, and more importantly, culture builders. And culture-building takes a specialized set of skills and expertise in order to create and maintain it.

The Blue-U Executive Security Academy combines traditional security training elements – the things that are required to meet regulation and compliance – with the nontraditional – the things that are needed to be successful in today’s world. We have formed the optimally effective security training experience for those entrusted with the responsibility for the safety and security of your people, clients, and assets. We deliver it by today’s most effective and convenient means of learning that starts with a carefully designed self-paced eLearning curriculum and completes with live classroom training that focuses on the practical exercises that are required for real skill-building.

Our Executive Security Academy, combined with our Professional Development Network (part of the Blue-U Safe Business System), prepare security professionals for the changing safety and security demands of today and tomorrow.

Our Academy is delivered by today’s most effective ways of educating – short, powerful sessions!

It’s extremely difficult, boring, and ineffective to sit through a day-long, or multiple days of training on a computer screen. We break ours up into much shorter, manageable, engaging sessions that we deliver over time. This allows us to engage students in assignments and provide practical experience between learning sessions to ensure understanding of each session.

And our Academy never stops!

Real proficiency and expertise only comes with education, training, and experience. Without all three we cannot become proficient or achieve expert status. This requires ongoing, regular access to information and material that will contribute to each of these elements. As a result, our academy never stops! We continue to provide learning elements that feed education, training, and experience development through our Professional Development Network.