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Mission: Protected Instructor Certification doesn’t happen until it’s earned!

Developing True Proficiency and Expertise in Those Responsible for Keeping People Safe


Do you want to significantly enhance your value as a School Resource Officer, Security Officer, or as a someone whom has been tasked with your organizational safety and security?


True proficiency and expertise in safety and security takes time, effort, and commitment. True proficiency and expertise takes development in areas that differ significantly from what most of today’s security training courses teach. That’s why, unlike our competitors, we won’t issue instructor certifications following a 2-day training course that requires no prerequisites and doesn’t cover the truly critical elements of what security leadership is all about. No, our certifications must be earned through the demonstration of proficiency and expertise in the areas that matter.

Mission: Protected is the next evolution in security solutions for School Resources Officers, Security Officers, and/or those who carry the critical responsibility for keeping people safe within our nations organizations.

Its starts with a 2-day live, in-person foundation-building course.

It continues with an ongoing proficiency and expertise developing curriculum that includes tasks and exercises designed to develop leadership and technical skills in what true safety and security is, reading material and assignments that supports the development of expertise, and  ultimately the successful passing of a very thorough certification exam that proves proficiency and expertise in the topic areas critical to keeping people and organizations safe.

Even if you are just looking for a solid foundation to work from, the live 2-day training taken alone will significantly enhance your value to your organization.

Here are some of the “non-traditional” security areas that  must be developed:

  • What is passion and why it’s a critical element of proficiency and expertise
  • Leadership development
  • Developing engaging presentations
  • Presentation delivery skill development
  • Understanding Return on Investment and how it must be established before recommending solutions
  • Understanding liability and how your decision can impact it
  • Understanding liability-limiting policies and procedures
  • How to effectively instruct “non-professionals” when you are a “professional”
  • Understanding practical security assessments
  • Understanding practical personal defense
  • Understanding practical tactics and how to effectively teach them to non-professionals
  • Understanding age and ability sensitivity and how it impacts training and solutions
  • Understanding the systems and technology that really work
  • AND the traditional security topics that are equally critical

If you are tasked with the responsibility for the safety and security of people, you had better become proficient and even approach expert status – to the extent possible at minimum.

True proficiency and expert status cannot happen in a 2-day training course and that’s why we will not grant instructor certificates without it being earned through demonstrated proficiency and ability to do the things that are really required to keep people secure. Thats why, following the 2-day foundation-building training course we provide those seeking certification a learning/networking resource designed to provide learning resources, tasks, assignments, experience, and a curriculum checklist that once completed – over time – can result in a proficiency and expertise evaluation, a final exam, and, ultimately, a certification that means something.

So, here’s the process to excellency in security:

  • 2-Day live, foundation-building training
    • Day 1 – Foundation (Day 1 can be attended alone for those just looking to enhance their knowledge)
    • Day 2 – Practical Exercises to support understanding of the foundation
  • For those seeking certification or just continuous learning and development:
    • Access to Mission: Protected Ongoing Learning
    • Assignments
    • Networking
    • Proficiency-developing resources
  • Proficiency and Expert Review
  • Certification

Our 2-Day Foundation-Building Courses are being scheduled nationwide. We are also seeking host agencies so if you want a course in your area please contact us and we will guide you through the process.