One-On-One Security Academy

A 2-day onsite intense learning experience that will simultaneously enhance your security beyond anything you’ve ever done. 


Do you want to significantly enhance your value as Security Officer and leader, or as a someone whom has been tasked with your organizational safety and security?


True proficiency and expertise in safety and security takes time, effort, commitment and leadership. True proficiency and expertise takes development in areas that differ significantly from what most of today’s security training courses teach. That’s why, unlike our competitors, we won’t issue instructor certifications following a 2-day training course that requires no prerequisites and doesn’t cover the truly critical elements of what security leadership is all about. What we will do, however, is provide you with hands-on knowledge and expertise that will significantly enhance everything you’ve already learned!

The Blue-U Secure Through Serving One-On-One Security Academy is the next evolution in security education solutions for Security Officers, and/or those who carry the critical responsibility for keeping people safe within our nations organizations.

It starts with 2 days within your organization where we conduct our services and apply our expertise and solutions (set security goals; physical site security assessments; policies and procedures reviews; live training; and various drills, etc) directly for the benefit of you, and your organization. You work beside us and learn what we do, and how we do it – in detail.

Then, we provide you with ongoing learning material, network/online learning resources, and education and training in the non-traditional, but more important elements of security expertise, proficiency, and effectiveness.

Here are some of the “non-traditional elements” of security that  must be developed:

  • Understanding organizational mission and the “serving the heck out of people” concepts
  • What is passion and why it’s a critical element of proficiency and expertise
  • Leadership development
  • Developing engaging presentations
  • Presentation delivery skill development
  • Understanding Return on Investment and how it must be established before recommending solutions
  • Understanding liability and how your decision can impact it
  • Understanding liability-limiting policies and procedures
  • How to effectively instruct “non-professionals” when you are a “professional”
  • Understanding practical security assessments
  • Understanding practical personal defense
  • Understanding practical tactics and how to effectively teach them to non-professionals
  • Understanding age and ability sensitivity and how it impacts training and solutions
  • Understanding the systems and technology that really work

And finally, we provide ongoing consultation to assist you in the many challenges that your organization faces on a daily basis – things that you would the expertise of many types of professionals to resolve appropriately.

So, if you are ready to enhance your personal skills, expertise, proficiency and take the biggest leap forward in the improvement of your organizational security in 2 long days, contact us for a proposal.

Download the brochure: General Business One On One Academy