A Powerful, Systematic Approach to Organizational Protection

The first, and only, systematic solution to organizational protection in which every element is thoughtfully designed to work towards a common goal… true safety and security. The elements of MISSION: SERVE: SECURE are designed to be implemented in stages that are need-based and budget dependent starting with Stage One designed to establish a baseline and significantly enhance your organizational safety and security in one day, and without spending a dime beyond our fee to conduct the service. It’s an extremely powerful system right now! What’s coming, however, is going to change safety and security nationwide, for businesses, schools, banks, healthcare, churches, and even homes. The additional Stages of Mission: Secure: Secure are:

  • The Foundation and Culture-Building Stage
  • The Technology Stage – Welcome to Bright Tower Protected 
  • The Training Stage: Welcome to Blue-U Defense
  • The Employee/Student Enrichment Stage
  • The Maintenance Stage

The best part?

Mission: Serve: Secure significantly enhances customer experience!

Real safety and security cannot be pieced together like it is today. It must be thoughtfully designed with an ultimate goal. It requires a system that is comprised of numerous elements that are all critical to the effective operation of the system and that are all specifically and carefully implemented to work together to accomplish the goal. That’s exactly what Mission: Protected is. Where else can you find a system this packed full of features at a cost, utilizing a unique implementation process and various methods of acquisition, that anyone can afford.

We Think Big…Really Big!

So, we set out to develop Mission: Protected to be the most practical, effective, and affordable protection systems ever created…and we have succeeded. Partnerships with the absolute best organizations within their respective areas of expertise, we have created a complete system full of features and benefits that can be implemented right now! 

And Then?  We Thought About Budgets, Budget Processes, and Ease of Implementation

So, we found a better, more feasible way to give everyone easy, affordable access to MISSION: SERVE: SECURE. Its phased-in implementation that starts with Stage One, followed by additional stages over time dependent upon need and as budget allows. We have designed Stage One to be the foundation of what everything else will be built upon and we wanted it to be inexpensive, and powerfully valuable.

If you are an organization that views security as “a necessary evil”, formality, or undesired expense, Stage One alone may be  your answer because, if you do nothing beyond Stage One, the results will surpass anything else that you do to keep people and assets safe. 

If you are an organization that will do everything possible to provide the highest levels of security for your employees and/or clients and want more right away? All other stages are  available right now!

Stage One: The most significant advance in your organizational security ever…all in a single day!

Check Out the Powerful Benefits of Stage One.

The Elements of Stage One:

  • Establish safety and security goals and a mission statement
  • Establish a baseline position and plan to achieve true security
  • A thorough, practical physical site assessment
  • Policy and Procedures Review
  • Communication Strategy
  • Live, slow walkthrough exercise designed to develop team building and communication strategies 
  • A 2-hour live employee training session – Establishing the Foundation for True Safety and Security

Stage One will conclude the most significant improvement in your organizational safety and security in your company’s history and…


If you don’t feel that what we do for you in Stage One isn’t everything that we promised it to be, we will refund a large portion of our fee and, EVEN BETTER, if you are pleased and elect to move forward with the complete Mission: Serve: Secure, we will credit the Stage One fee towards the cost of the complete solution.

The Cost for Stage One?

You’ll be surprised! The cost for the entire Mission: Serve: Secure? You’ll be even more surprised.

To learn more about MISSION: SERVE: SECURE or schedule Stage One, contact:

Terry L Choate, Jr – CEO/President of Blue-U Defense tchoatejr@blue-u.com or call 603-759-7803