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When It Comes To Victimization, Violence, Safety, and Security…..

If we believe that it can happen”, it likely won’t happen. If we don’t “believe that it can happen” the chances of it actually happening increase significantly!

Why? Because if we “believe that it can happen we will do things to make ourselves unattractive as potential victims. We will be more aware, more prepared, and the result will be noticable and obvious – potential threats will see it and “move on to” someone else.

If we don’t “believe that it can happen” we will do nothing and the result will be just as obvious. We will be that “someone else” that criminals move on to when they pass by those who do “believe that it can happen” and therefore are not attractive victims.

The number one most critical element of establishing true safety and security?

Believing that it can happen!

If you don’t you will do nothing to ensure your personal, family, home, or business safety and security.

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