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Understanding Stand Your Ground and Making Good Decisions in Fractions of a Second

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Receptionist Module - Recognition of Aggressive Behavior and Practical De-Escalation Skills

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Recognizing Signs of Imminent Violence and Practical, Highly Effective De-Escalation Skills

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Understanding and Designing Effective Main Entry Security, Policy, and Procedures

Understanding Tactics! Its Much More Than Run, Hide and Fight!

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Receptionist Module - Recognition of Aggressive Behavior and Practical De-Escalation Skills

In any organization, there is no one more vulnerable to an act of violence than your "gatekeeper" or Receptionist. Whether you realize it, or not, they are . And as this is the case, your "gatekeeper" or Receptionist, is also the most important person within an organization. This is simple:

If someone comes to your facility to commit an act of violence, they will likely utilize the main entry to do it. As a result, the decisions that your "gatekeeper" or Receptionist makes; the skills that they have in recognizing the imminent signs of violence and de-escalation, can mean the difference between life-and-death for everyone else inside of the facility. Therefore knowing exactly what is expected of them, by policy, and providing the training and means for them to effectively prepare for, and carry-out this duty is critical to the safety of your organization. They need the skills to develop a plan!

The key is PRACTICAL skills!

The are few careers that require the mastering of the skills of aggressive behavior recognition and de-escalation more than that of law enforcement. Law enforcement officers must see the signs of aggressive behavior and make extremely good decisions on exactly how to de-escalate in "fractions of a second". There are numerous programs, theories, and systems designed to make this process easier. Most require understanding exactly what the underlying source of the aggression is and then formulating a response that will have an impact on that particular type of aggression. Itís kind of like prescribing the correct medication for the diagnosis. The absolute best way to be able to do this quickly enough for it to have an impact is through an incredible amount of real life experience. This, obviously, is not easy for anyone to get. So these programs that require an in-depth technical/scientific analysis and a response based on the underlying problem are just not practical. We simply donít have time to work through this process when we are faced with a sudden and traumatic incident that could put our lives and/or well-being in jeopardy.

We all have the skills necessary to recognize aggressive behavior! We all have the skills required to successfully de-escalate! We all do it on a regular basis. We have survived for however long we have been alive. The key is fine-tuning our survival skills using common sense things that actually work with little or no thought, practice, or memory.

This is what our Practical Recognition of Aggressive Behavior and Realistic De-Escalation course is all about. Just like all of our other courses, our solutions are engaging, effective, and practical.

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